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Brenda 000 (D 12")
Cncpt: Brenda 0

Boomy, minimalist, driving DJ tool Techno cuts

Temple 001 (D 12")
Variant: Hyperbaric Chamber

Sparse, droning, atmospheric, pulsating Ambient Techno EP

Test Pressing 4 (D 12")

Unreleased material carefully transferred from the original DAT tapes

Eshu 008 (Euro 12")
Sys: Bad Signal EP

Dubbed out Techno cuts

Field 014 (Euro Do LP)
L’estasi Dell’oro: I Look Upon Nature While I Live In A Steel City

Outstanding psychedelic Techno excursions

Doq XX2 (D 12")
Excell: Gorgo EP

Classy direct Techno banger

A Sagittariun: The Anomaly EP

Fine 1990s Detroit school Techno rooted EP

P.E.A.R.L.: Four Cardinal

Minimalist big room Techno cuts

Radial 003 (Euro 12")
Museum: Contraptions Part 1

Minimalist, effective DJ tool Techno

Slugbug: Russian Torrent Versions 17

Raw EBM informed Techno bangers

Powell: Sylvester Stallone

Harsh rushing EBM tinged Techno bangers

Kinzy: The Experience

Classy, minimalist, dark UK Techno stepper at the edge to UK Bass & Grime vibes

L.I.E.S. 058 (US 12")
Tzusing: A Name Out Of Place Pt. 2

Acidic & raw Techno cuts w/ 80s EBM flavour

Imbalance 03 (D CD)
Async Sense: Async Sense

1995 Avant-Computer-Music compositions by Andy Mellwig (of Porter Ricks); original sealed copies

Ostgut Ton 055 (D 12")

A Shed Techno Power production