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"As barriers fall around the world, the need to understand others and the way they live, think and dream is a task that is nearly impossible to imagine without theory and explanation. And as we approach the next century with hope and prosperity, this need soon becomes a necessity rather than a recreational urge.

Theories and subjects of substance is the elementary element that fuels the minds of our Axis." Jeff Mills, 1994
Cinthie: Push It

Raw, jacking, ‘in-the-red’ mid 1990s Chicago Techno inspired EP

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Figure X03 (D EP)
Exos: Alien Eyes

Minimalist, boomy & subtly dubbed out big room DJ tool Techno

As One: Destination Other

Reissue of perfect mid-90s Kirk Degiorgio prod. Detroitish Techno cuts b/w wonderful E.R.P. remix treatment

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UIQ LP 002 (UK LP)
Nkisi: 7 Directions

Exciting set of ‘braindancing’ UK Techno & Grime excursions

Zoot 013 (UK EP)

Unmissable, intergalactic Dub saturated first class House trips - Highly Recommended!

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Gonzo MDF: Chronophobia EP

Banging, direct & effective DJ tool Techno set

Format 015 (Euro 12")
Juan Sanchez: Dans Ta Tête

Boomy Techno cuts w/ hard stomping Mike Parker remix

Jam 009 (Euro 12")

Highly effective big room Techno pounders

Mord 057 (Euro 12")

Killer, twisted, stepping Techno EP

Joton: Not Your Hero

Pure, spaced out to banging Techno cuts; one-sided vinyl

Uncrat: A Present From My Plant

Relentlessly propelling, acidic, early AFX tinged Techno fuel

R&S 1102 (Euro 12")
Blawan: Bohla EP

Acid bass-lines driven UK Techno steppa w/ Grime & dark UKG vibes