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Victrola: Maritime Tatami

Rare 80s Italian New Wave reissued

Ghibli: I’m Looking For You

Valuable reissue of 1985 Italo Disco gem

The Brothers Grimm: Exodus (The Lion Awakes) Remixes 1

UK Hardcore Bleep anthem reissued & expanded crafty, expertly executed remixes

Glenn Branca: The Ascension

Reissue of genre confines ignoring No Wave / New Wave album from 1981

Fabulous reissue of third EP by the legendary & unique early 1980s Disco / Funk band project

Super Djata De Bamako: Vol. 2 Yellow

Reissue of early 1980s Mali music blending wide array of traditions: Wasulu hunter music, Kenedugu’s balafon music, Bozo fishermen dances, Mandingo chants and Fula repertoir

Dream 2 Science: Dream 2 Science

Valuable remastered reissue of rare eternal 1990 NYC Deep House classic - Essential alert!

Thomas Leer: Private Plane

Reissue of rare 1978 EP by Glasgow producer Thomas Leer

Peter Richard: Walking In The Neon

Valuable reissue of rare 1985 Italo Disco gem