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Klockworks 026 (D 12")
Stef Mendesidis: Cyber Document

Lethal, no-fuss, Detroit tinged Techno perfection

Convextion: R-CNVX1

Properly sleeved reissue of immense, spaced out Techno trips

Chosen Brothers: Mango Walk

1979 Bullwackies Prod. b/w killer rework in Rhythm & Sound signature

Sentry 011 (UK 12")
SP:MC: Vintage / Slugfest

Killer, dusky, bottom-heavy UK Garage / Grime force

Excellent Breakbeat science by two originators

Trule 003 (UK 12")
Al Wootton: Natural Forward

Crisp, sparse UK Garage / Dub House missiles - TIP!

Midgar 017 (Euro 12")

Absolutely perfect atmospheric UK House / Techno weapons

Ndagga 25 (D LP)

’Six chunks of stunning, next-level mbalax, then, funky as anything.’ (incl. download code)

Ara 002 (D EP)
Adiel: Musicofilia

Crisp IDM Designer-Techno explorer

Dubwax 001 B (D 12")
Bandulu: New Foundation

Ace Dub Reggae steppers / Dub Techno hybrids for eternity

Geophone 04 (US 12")
Mike Parker: Voiceprint

2019 reissue of sought-after MP Techno blueprint

Rawax JB 01 (D 12")

Anthem alert! A 1990 Joey Beltram production in wonderful, swinging NY Techno mode - Essential must have!

A.R.T. 020 (UK 12")
London Modular Alliance: Precious Materials

Classy, original Electro explorer w/ certain UK twist

Jack Michael: Opposite Visions

Killer, deep, El-B appreciating, current UKG treats

Loop LF: Natural XT

Stunning blend of crisp Dub Techno reductions & UKG vibes - Highly Recommended!

Ostgut Ton 121 (D 12")
Martyn: Odds Against Us

Irresistibly uplifting & effective Techno-UKG integration & Martyn’s Detroit schooled sound signature - TIP!