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Batu: Marius

As refreshing as any Hessle release

Tresor 294 (D 12")
Terrence Dixon: Like A Thief In The Night EP

Advanced Techno for the fearless - Techno as a chance for advancement - Highly Recommended! (w/ download code)

Eric Fetcher: Dynamic Composition EP

Eric Fetcher honoring the label with perfect spaced out Techno bangers

Aus Music 115 (UK 12")
Marquis Hawkes: The Basement Is Burning

Slamming, Disco infected DJ tool House bangers

Delft 015 (Euro 12")
LA-4A: Panic

Sparse, hard hitting Electro to direct, raw House jams

Kemback: Carduelis

Swinging, direct House tool w/ straightened Techno version by DJ Bone

12" out of stock

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Hot Haus 032 (UK 12")
Redlight: City Jams

Stomping, oldschool Piano-House alert w/ DJ Deeon version

12" out of stock

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Electronome: Music Telex

2016 repress; killer sparse Dutch Electro cuts

12" out of stock

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Jann: Murder People

Raw, distorted, lo-fi, oldschool Acid House jams

12" out of stock

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André Kronert: Watch It Burn

Atmospheric Ambient Techno / Dub Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Sungate 001 (Euro 12")
Eduardo De La Calle: Iadus Iadavas

Hypnotic, uplifting, boomy Techno cuts

12" out of stock

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V-Max 988 (US 12")
Silicon: Static EP

Warehouse find - original copies; Heath Brunner prod.Techno-Bass cuts

12" out of stock

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Alfredo Mazzilli: Logical Strength

Acidic, ambientish tripping big room Techno set