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Diskant 007 (D CD)
The Durian Brothers: Cuts Cubs With Clubs
Nonplace 040 (D 12")

Outernational grooves in dubbed out House compatible version mode - killer stuff!

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Delft 003 (Euro 12")
LA-4A: Cobalt

Acidic DJ tool House tracks

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Musik Krause 044 (D 12")
Comfort Fit: Mezga EP

Diverse EP from crispy DJ tool House/Tech House to tripping leftfield Techno

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Karlovak 900 (Euro 12")

Driving and thumping Disco tinged DJ tool House tracks

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Rrose Plays James Tenney: Having Never Written A Note For Percussion

Droning Ambient excursions

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Various Artists: Decon Recon 1

Outstanding joint venture by Oni Ayhun, Paula Temple, Rroxymore and Aquarian Jugs

DB1: Ohne Titel EP

Out-of-ordinary uptempo leftfield Techno/Electronica jams

EPM Music 010 (Euro 12")
Floorplan: Ritual

Guaranteed fresh & deadly effective - Robert Hood prod. in two Techno modes

Headless Horseman: Cannonball

Heavy dark, fresh Techno banger of a different kind

Campbell Irvine: Reunion Of Two Bodies

Ambient-ish rhythm textures (comes w/ CD thrown in)

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Teleskop: Entropolis

Chilled, swinging, Electronica leaning DJ tool House EP

Power House 707 (D 12")
WK7: Washer

Original, classic House vibes condensed to ultra-effective, jacking party bumpers

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Delft 002 (Euro 12")
JPLS: Fall Off Distance