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Aguirre 071 (LP)
The Begotten: Temidden Laaghangende Wolken

Beautiful, stripped down takes on minimal music approaches in a band context

Emeka Ogboh: Beyond The Yellow Haze

Fabulous, immersive, Lagos sound scapes suffused Ambient Electronica concept album (w/ download code)

F&E: Forschung & Entwicklung II

Felix Krone & Yu Asaeda led explorations into fresh, unknown Electronics territories

Ena: One Draw

Explorative rhythmic Noise / Electronics research

Warp LP 017 (Do LP)
Autechre: Incunabula

Repress of Autechre's wonderful IDM / Electronica 1993 debut album in gatefold cover - must have. (w/ download code)

Warp LP 025 (Do LP)
Autechre: Amber

Repress of legendary 2nd album by one of IDM's defining projects, comes in gatefold cover - must have. (w/ download code)

Sähkö ARC2 (CD)
Ø : Kiteet

Archival release with additionaly added, unreleased Mika Vainio material

Utter 007 (Do 12")
Vādin: Taiyō

Subtly drifting, careful synthesizer Drone excursions

Gate 002 (LP)
Kara-Lis Coverdale: Aftertouches

Breathtaking, majestic, forward-looking Neo Classical / avant-Electronics album

Extended repress on gold vinyl; blinding, in-quest-for-the-perfect-Drone related pieces

STOOR Comp 1 (Do LP)

Excellent compilation of Speedy J co-prod. explorative Ambient Electronics / Techno collaborations

CS + Kreme: howwouldyoufeelwithoutthatthought

Extended, bewitching Ambient takes