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Big Bait 021 (D 12")
Chocky: Sativa

Crafty DJ toool Deep House

Born Free 016 (Euro 12")
Powder: Spray

Fine percussive House jams

Various Artists: Certain Circles 01

Classy, diverse DJ tool House mini compilation

Mo Kolours: Mini Culcha

One sided issue; efficient Party House

The Jaydes: Final Sin EP

Fine acidic jacking House track b/w adventurous SP exursion

12" out of stock

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Nonplus 029 (UK 12")
Redshape: I Feel Like Riot

Perfectly crafted, spaced tripping, universal Techno/House anthems

Mojuba 004 (D 12")
Sven Weisemann: Let’s Swing

2014 repress on beautiful black vinyl - classic US House inspired killer 12"

Mojuba 005 (D 12")
Oracy: Mind Dance

Crafty, classic 1990s US House leaning cuts

Mojuba 009 (D 12")
Sven Weisemann: Kiss Of Abana

Fine dubbed out House

Mojuba 012 (D 12")
Nick Solé: Simple Things

Classic US house rooted deeper floating club tunes

Mojuba 014 (D 12")
Oracy: Bass Mood

Heavy bassline driven & warm spaced out House cuts

Mojuba 020 (D 12")
Bernard Badie: Bernards Got The Funk

Valuable reissue of brillant, much sought after 1988 BB tracks - Essential alert!

Mojuba 024 (D 12")

Classy, hard jacking & uplifting House EP by a true master

Mojuba Jouem 1 (D 12")
Jouem: Episodes 1/8 - A New Force Has Risen

Sven Weisemann prod. crafty Ambient/Dub House cuts