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Chiwax CTX 010 (12")
Gene Hunt: Volume One

Unearthed, original Chicago House joints from the vaults

L.I.E.S. 144 (EP)
Deecoy: Archive 2

‘Deecoy the man in Chicago you should have heard of...’ classy, adventurous Chicago jack traxxx

12" out of stock

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DJ Skull: The DJ Skull Saga pres. Stomping Grounds

Full reissue of 1993 Djax Up gem - a great piece of Ron Maney prod. jacking Chicago House - Essential EP!

Vincent Floyd: Moonlight Fantasy

Sublime previously unreleased Deep House produced by a Dance Mania stalwart

Reissue of jacking, orginal 1994 Chicago traxx

Me & E: Rap

Unarthed Chicago 80s Rap / Hiphouse project properly reissued (one copy per customer)

Chiwax CTX 008 (12")
Trackmaster Dre: Ruthenium Trax EP

Classic, raw & dry, late night Chicago jack tracks

Paul Johnson: Traxx Series Volume 1 - Stop Trippin’ EP

Mid 1990s hard jacking Chicago traxx works reissued

Heaven And Earth: Prescription EP

Proper reissue of classic 1995 Prescription House

Paul Johnson: Traxx Series Volume 3 - Just Whistle

Mid 1990s hard jacking Chicago traxx works reissued

Do EP out of stock

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Paul Johnson: The Other Side Of Me