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Mego Edition 207 (Euro 3x LP)
Thighpaulsandra: The Golden Communion

Luxury issued outsider/avantgarde Pop/Indie album

Superb, varied selection of pulsating, abstract Electronic & Ambient pieces

Iancu Dumitrescu: Pierres Sacrées / Hazard and Tectonics

Immense, noisy Electro-Acoustic excursions beautifully issued on vinyl

Bolder: Hostile Environment

Dark, sub heavy, droning, down/half-tempo Ambient/Electronica excursions

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Excellent electronic music album ranging abstract noise music to 1970s ’Krautrock’ rooted epic sound scapes

12" out of stock

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Fennesz: Fa 2012

Designer Techno par excellence w/ 12 minute Mark Fell version

Do LP out of stock

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I-LP-O In Dub: Communist Dub
Fennesz: Bécs

’A singular work by a singular artist’ - comes in Tina Frank designed gatefold sleeve

Intense to harsh Noise & Drone tunes (all our copies have a bent edge)

Nick Edwards: Plekzationz

Raw, side-long, tough Electronic excursisions by the legend that is Ekoplekz - Highly Recommended!

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Fantastic, extended Electronic Drone excursions