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Alan Licht: Four Years Older

All selections played as heard, no overdubs - avant solo guitar excursions

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Voices From The Lake: Live at MAXXI
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Shit And Shine: Everybody’s A Fuckin Expert
Heather Leigh: I Abused Animal

’...a personal, idiosyncratic and deeply psychedelic work, ranging from almost Kousokuya-scale black blues through the kind of ethereal electro-ritual of Solstice-era Coil’ (w/ download code)

Mark Fell: Periodic Orbits Of A Dynamic System Related To A

Avant-computer music excursions (46+ min running time)

Bolder: Hostile Environment

Dark, sub heavy, droning, down/half-tempo Ambient/Electronica excursions

Superb, varied selection of pulsating, abstract Electronic & Ambient pieces

Sensate Focus: Sensate Focus 1.666666666

Written and produced by Mark Fell and Sasu Ripatti; House reflecting ’IDM’

Sensate Focus: Sensate Focus

Mark Fell prod. original early 1990s rooted, stepping Ambient House textures