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Albert Van Abbe: More To Ignore

Reduced dubbed out Techno EP w/ perfect Exaltics remix trip

Shipwrec 049 (Euro EP)
Luxus Varta: Aquamarine Puzzle

Retro-futurist, classy Electro mini album

DMX Krew: Synth Funk Vol. 4 - Sludge

Skillful, early 80s referencing Electro Funk cuts

Egyptian Lover: I Need A Freak

Electro classics incl. a previously unreleased vintage remix (1985-1986)

Electro classics incl. a previous unreleased instrumental version

Cron: Fragmented Identity

Todd Sines prod. warm Ambient Techno & minimalist Electro tunes

E.R.P.: Pith

Advanced atmospheric Electro cuts - 2017 repress

Plant43: Frozen Monarch

2017 repress - Superb Detroit informed atmospheric Electro cuts

Adapta: Vohx Continues

Tough, acidic, classic Electro workouts

Neil Landstrumm: Bad Life Choice Club EP

Mini album w/ Acid & 1980s Disco Wave heritage - tweaked & NL’s unqiue style

I-F: Portrait Of A Dead Girl: The Cause

2017 repress - eternal, rough & raw I-F Electro / Techno science - 2nd to none

DJ Overdose: Housejam Freaker

No nonsense feverish jacking House/Electro cuts w/ locked grooves