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Ous 012 (UK 12")
NHK yx Koyxen: Parallel Tempo

Twisted, acidic, swinging Electro-esque to floating, atmospheric Techno set

C-lektro 007 (D EP)
C-lektro: C-lektro 007

Diverse, tripping & spaced out DJ tool Electro explorer

12" out of stock

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Faceless Mind: Faceless

Reissue of Luke Eargoggle co-prod. dry Electro funkiness

Brokntoys 022 (UK EP)
Luxus Varta: Then We Fall

Classy, partly retro-futurist Electro explorer mini album

Aux 88: Technology

Reissue of classic Keith Tucker co-prod. 1993 Detroit Electro Bass / Techno classic

[ ml / i ] 031 (D 12")
Monolake: G M O

Avant-Techno in applied Electro-Accoustic sound research mode, enriched w/ sub bass experiments - Monolake in full effect!

12" out of stock

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Shedbug: Destination Love

Lo-fi-esque, saturated ‘in the red’ grooving Techno / Electro EP

Inta 003 (UK 12")
Sector Y: CS_TMS

Minimalist, jacking, pure UK Electro-Techno cuts

C-lektro 002 (D EP)
C-lektro: C-lektro 2

Classy, sparse, rhythm centered DJ tool Electro set

Rawax S 03 (D 12")
Terrace: Ilmenite Mine

Reissue of Stefan Robbers prod., mid-1990's, timeless Techno classic b/w throbbing Electro cuts

Skam 035 (UK 12")

James Ruskin & Mark Broom prod. ace IDM-Electro adventure

Binary Digit: 38490 Electronics

Refreshing, excellent, Drexciya & Rephlex appreciating Electro / Braindance EP

Carl Finlow: Anomoly

Flawless, blue 1980s Synth-Pop ties Electro EP by a true master of the genre

DUM 019 (Euro 12")
Raidat: Raita Nolla

No repress but warehouse find; 1995 minimalist killer Techno & Electro