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12" out of stock

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E.R.P.: Ancient Light
Barba 005 (Euro 12")
DJ Stingray 313: Communications System

Exceptional fast paced Detroit Electro science straight from the source

Do LP out of stock

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Delft 013 (Euro Do LP)
LA-4A: Phonoautograph
Adapta: MKS-50 Tracks

Banging acidic Electro/Techno cuts

Shipwrec 034 (Euro 12")
Versalife: Singularity EP

Fine atmospheric Electro cuts

DJ Stingray / Vin Sol: Unknown To The Unknown Bonus 3

W/ unparalleled outa-space Electro cut á la Stingray

Workshop 22 (D LP)
Ibrahim Alfa: Hidden By The Leaves

Free-styling take on outsider Techno & Electro (w/ insert & liner notes by David Moufang)

Gary Gritness: The Adventures Of Gary Gritness 2

Fine Sci-fi Electro Funk tracks and beyond

Artless 2186 (D 12")
Darko Esser: Juilce EP

Epic, classic Detroit schooled Techno/Electro tracks

Klakson 024 (Euro 12")
Mesak: Bessemerbirne

Fine Detroit led gritty Electro/Techno cuts

James Mason: The Dance Of Life

Prev. unreleased 80s Disco/Electro Funk sophistication

Classic! Detroit school aware Techno/Electro tune