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Clone CC 28 (EP)
DJ Joe Lewis: Lost In Tracks

Valuable reissue of ultra rare 1988 Chicago Acid House killers (pink clear vinyl repress)

Clone CBS Y (EP)
Aleksi Perälä: Oscillation 1

Wonderful dreamy Colundi Techno EP (download card included) (w/ download code)

Clone Dub 045 (EP)
Aleksi Perälä: Oscillation 2

Glistening dreamy Colundi Techno EP (download card included) (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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Clone WCS 015 (12")
CRISPR: Dyad Symmetry
Clone Dub 044 (12")
Jodey Kendrick: H120 Acid

Fine 'Analord' style Acid / Braindance EP (w/ download code)

Clone WCS 010 (EP)
D.I.E.: The Men You'll Never See Pt.2

Reissue of excellent tough Detroit Bass / Electro EP (slightly changed tracklist)

D.I.E.: The Unseen

Reissue of sought-after, party-guaranteed, dry & ultra funky Electro Bass EP from 1997

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D.I.E.: Move Yo Body

Valuable reissue of Detroit Electro heritage tinged, highly effective jacking Detroit Bass funkiness - Tip!

Frits Wentink: Double Man

Glistening, warm, bouncy House refreshments

EP out of stock

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Clone CAL 008 (EP)
Jack Peoples: Laptop Cafe

From the archive of the legend that is James Stinson - The Other People Place styled subtle Electronica / Electro drifters

Aleksi Perälä: Simulation X

Jacking, classic House leaning tracks with Perälä’s researched, idiosyncratically tuned Bleep sphere

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Clone Dub 041 (EP)

Heartwarming, 1990s UK IDM influenced Breakbeat Techno EP

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Clone Dub 043 (EP)
Quadratschulz: Dynamic Linker