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Ostgut Ton 120 (D 12")
Ryan Elliott: Paul’s Horizon

Focused, atmospheric, driving Techno / Tech House EP

‘All-girl group [...] recalling Guinean folk and early Ali Farka Touré’

‘Tallawit Timbouctou are champions of Takamba, a hypnotic traditional music from Northern Mali’

Ahmed Ag Kaedy: Akaline Kidal

‘the origins of Tuareg folk with sessions of stripped down solo acoustic guitar’

Timedance 017 (UK 12")
Batu: False Reeds

Twisted, swinging & jacking Bristolian UK Bass / Grime cuts w/ UK Tech House affinities

AFU Ltd. X 5 (D 12")
Heckmann: Acid Seduction 5

Pure, Acid Techno escapism

Censore 002 (UK 12")
Alex Jann: Computoid Transmission X EP

Classic retro-futurist Electro set

Church V 004 (UK 12")
Various Artists: Church Volumes 004

Swinging, warm atmospheres wrapped & bassline driven late night House groovers

Clouds of Kouros: Houghton Time EP

Uplifting set of techy UKG vibes & 1990s Detroit school trained Techno drivers

Cos_Mos 006 (Euro 12")
Tom Dicicco: Laser Life

Expertly tripped out Acid House excursions

Sabre: Fora De Turf

Twisted, jacking, spaced out & minimalist House / Tech House set

Dystopian 028 1 (D 12")
Beroshima: Interplugreaction Remixes 1