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Joel Graham: Geomancy

Stunning early 80s extended Proto House excursions

Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer: Ich Träume So Leise Von Dir

Documenting early to mid 1980s Jazz / poetry project

Gaussian Curve: The Distance

Early 1980s New Age indebted subtle Lounge / Ambient Electronica

Kuniyuki Takahashi: Early Tape Works (1986 - 1993) Vol. 1

Lounge chill-out & Ambient Electronica compiled from tape only releases

Kuniyuki Takahashi: Early Tape Works 1986 - 1993 Vol. 2

Early 1980s New Age indebted, perfectly balanced, movie score reminiscent Ambient album

Curt Cress: Dschung Tek EP

Compiled reissue of 1980s ‘balearic’ Disco affine rhythm jams

Garrett: Private Life II

1980s sound design tinged ‘Chill-wave’ reminiscent Lounge Electronica

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Bruhahá Babélico & Individual Industry: Outro Tempo II: Single Promocional

Valuable reissue of tripping late 1980s Synth-Pop derived psychedelica

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Terekke: Improvisational Loops
Dip In The Pool: On Retinae

Valable issue of excellent 80s Japanese Synthpop/Disco gems

Vincent: Fast Forward

’[..] four tracks drawn from Virgil ‘Vincent’ Work Jnr’s little-known cassette only debut from 1987, ‘Fast Forward’.’

Workdub: Workdub

Reissue of 1989-92 ‘jazzy fusion’ related Lounge Electronica