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Imbalance 05 (D CD)
Robert Henke: Signal to Noise

Hyper-reality-Electronic Music & Drone compositions

Right Area 002 (US 12")
II B Smooth: My Way

1993 New Jersey House classic. One VG copy.

Right Area 142 (US 12")
Slam Mode: Feel It

1990 New Jersey House classic. One VG+ copy.

Paradox: Eternalism

Crafty, original 1990s breakbeat centred Drum & Bass science (one mint copy)

Ibiza 019 (UK 12")
Front Line: Front Line

1992 UK Breakbeat classic. One G+, very playable copy

Rocktechno 022 (UK 12")
Various Artists: Rocktechno 022

1992 UK Breakbeat classic. Label misprint. One VG copy

G Strings 300 (US 12")
G Strings: The Land Of Dreams

1990 Chicago lo-fi house classic, (one mint copy though beware: original ’lo-fi’-pressing)

Anthony Manning: Islets in Pink Polypropylene

Very classic Irdial release (one mint copy only)

KDJ 03 (US 12")
Kenny Dixon: The Day We Lost The Soul

KDJ classic tribute to Marvin Gaye, double A-side; 2001 repress (one near mint copy)

Muzique 110 (US LP)
The New World Order: The Second Generation
Night Club 017 (US 12")
Bernard Badie: Time Reveals

One of most sought-after record. original pressing. one sealed copy