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Auxiliary 014 (UK Do 12")
ASC: The Farthest Reaches EP

Epic, pulsatic, extended, perfectly crafted Ambient Techno EP

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Auxiliary 020 (UK 12")
Synthek: The Hidden Dimension

Ultra deep Ambient Techno bliss w/ stepping rhythm pulses

Auxiliary 011 (UK 12")
Sam KDC: The Order & The Entity

Pulsating, mesmerizing, leftfield Drum & Bass derivatives

Auxiliary 012 (UK 12")
Sam KDC: Law Of The Trapezoid

Fresh, dense, sub heavily pulsating leftfield Ambient Techno/Drum & Bass EP

ASC & Synth Sense: Reject The System

Sub heavy Ambient excursions

Neel & Filippo Scorcucchi: Present LF58: Late Night Innominate Vol. 2

Pure Ambient / Drone bliss

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Auxiliary C 005 (UK Tape)
ASC: 1138

Classy, restrained Ambient / Drone album

Auxiliary 019 (UK EP)
Unknown Path: Pathfinder

Subtly atmospheric, stepping Ambient Techno DJ tool EP

Auxiliary LP 003 (UK Do LP)
ASC: Realm Of The Infinite

Another sweeping broadcast from ASC's 'grey area' dimension

Auxiliary 018 (UK EP)
Saturne: Trace Elements

Stepping pulses driven, ultra deep Ambient Techno EP

Auxiliary 021 (UK EP)
ASC: Artefacts of Rotation

Futuristic Ambient Techno pulses

Do 12" out of stock

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Auxiliary 022 (UK Do 12")
ASC: The Outer Limits

Exceptionally deep, drifting Ambient Techno EP

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ASC: Trans-Neptunian Objects 2

Stunningly beautiful, ultra deep, pure & cinematic Ambient bliss

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Auxiliary 010 (UK 12")
ASC: Programme 02 EP

Dreamy Ambient/IDM Electronica

12" out of stock

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Auxiliary 001 (UK 12")
ASC: The Touch

IDM-ish drum’n’bass rooted electronic tune b/w excellent Vaccine dubstep compatible version

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Auxiliary 002 (UK 12")
ASC: Certainties EP

IDM-ish drum’n’bass rooted electronica EP

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Auxiliary 003 (UK 12")
ASC: Time Is Now

Superb leftfield/IDM-ish half stepping Drum & Bass excursions