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Acido 011 (D 12")
Dynamo Dreesen: Back In The Mists Of Time

Dreesen in full effect - the real stuff: stripped down, pure, original House Traxx

Imbalance 02 (D CD)
Robert Henke: Piercing Music

1993 one hour Electronic Music composition; no repress, but warehouse find

Imbalance 03 (D CD)
Async Sense: Async Sense

1995 Avant-Computer-Music compositions by Andy Mellwig (of Porter Ricks); original sealed copies

Imbalance 05 (D CD)
Robert Henke: Signal to Noise

Hyper-reality-Electronic Music & Drone compositions

Italo Johnson: Italo Johnson 4

Raw DJ tool House tracks

Italo Johnson: Italo Johnson 7

Raw, effective1990s House inspired DJ tools

Ostgut Ton 055 (D 12")

A Shed Techno Power production

Ostgut Ton 063 (D 12")
Function: Gradient

Accompanying EP to the album; Sandwell District crew member w/ spaced out Techno trips

Ostgut Ton 069 (D 12")
Nick Höppner: Red Hook Soil EP

Fine tripping House/Techno EP

Zckr 009 (D 12")
Qnete: Untitled

Raw, minimalist, direct House/Techno beat jams