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"Grime. Sublow. Dubstep… It’s Music. Different people call it different things, depending on when they discovered it. In the 80s maybe it was House, Techno and Electro. In the 90s it was UKG, Drum & Bass, Breaks or whatever. Now there are so many terms for it that the journalists can’t pidgeon-hole it anymore. This is a good thing – it’s music. Moody music. Multifunctional, multifaceted music created by Humans with Brains, Hearts, Machines & Electricity. Music that’s great for dancing to in clubs, or submerging yourself within your headphones, your car, your home, wherever. It’s instrumental dance music, but it’s the perfect forum for the best MCs and vocalists. We at Rephlex call it Grime to publicise to the people at large, outside of the specialist world of its producers. The purists might debate the name, but while they do that, crews around the globe are uniting in this strong and fresh dance movement. In this age of Information Technology, people are easily able to find real quality that they actually want, without being spoon-fed compromised product. Now is a time of change and the soundtrack is GRIME" Rephlex 156, 2004
Version 017 (12")
Lamont: Dominant

Fabulous reduced Grime cuts

Full Dose 006 (12")
An Gleann Dubh: Ossian’s Cave EP

Grime affine, dubby atmospheric floating UK House cuts

Amar 016 (12")
Amit & J:Kenzo: Acid Trip (J:Kenzo Remix) / The Righteous
Bakey: Take it Further

Dope reduced Breakbeat / UK Garage cuts

Truth: Subchaser

Heavyweight, purist Dubstep blends

Livity Sound 024 (Do EP)
Peverelist: Tessellations

Top-notch Pev in full effect: swinging, idiosyncratic take on UK Techno / Electronica hybrids - Highly Recommended!

Zam Zam 080 (7")
Causa: Hiss

Spaced out Dubstep pressure

Promesses 009 (12")

Superbly loose grooving, fantastic Bass / Juke blends

DJ Plead: Going for It EP

Exciting, Outernational drumming centered UK Bass / House EP

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Wych 004 (12")
Sir Hiss: Keygen EP