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Bit Folder: Silicon Frontier

Classy & pure retro-futurist Electro / IDM hybrids

Aux 88: Technology

Reissue of classic Keith Tucker co-prod. 1993 Detroit Electro Bass / Techno classic

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Luz1e: Ridin

Fresh delightful Electro / Breakbeat House / Techno bouncers

Sex Mania LP 03 (US 12")
Techfunkers: The Album: Techfunk Is Where It's At (Vol 2 Out Of 3)

Reissued via Germany - 1996 DJ Duke joint: ace blend of NY Deep House & Electro in dubbed out groove mode

Electronome: No Landscape

Block building raw Dutch Electro cuts reissued in full

12" out of stock

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Shipwrec 066 (Euro 12")
Ekman: Kronkel
Der Zyklus: Cherenkov Radiation

Reduced Dopplereffekt-ish Techno / Electro cuts

Pomelo 038 (Euro 12")
Anet K: Eat My Pussy

Out-there Chicago footwork leaning original w/ remarkable remixes

AFU 009 R (D 12")
Electro Nation: Electro Nation

Reissue of classy Electro produced by Thomas P. Heckmann in 1996

Cryogenetic: Back In Time

Ace original Detroit Bass / Electro-Funk EP

303 007 (US 12")
Electro Force: Getting High

A tripping DJ Duke Acid Electro joint properly reissued (via Germany)