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Exit Digi 009 (UK Download only)
dBridge: Inhibited LP

Fabulously crafted, 'Autonomic' revisiting, singular Electronica / Drum & Bass vision

Exit 080 (UK EP)
DJ Fulltono: Before The Storm EP

Fast paced, fresh take on Footwork / Techno / Jungle hybrid adventures

Exit 081 (UK EP)
Fracture: Soundboy Get Nervous

Wild, twisted, Rave aimed Footwork / Drum & Bass mash-ups

Exit 069 (UK EP)
Chimpo: Ram Dance Man EP

Footworking Jungle / UK Hardcore revivalism vs. Dancejall / Grime hybrids

Exit 077 (UK EP)
Strategy: Lanterns EP

Deadly, upfront, heavy Footwork / Drum & Bass / beat science adventure

Exit 079 (UK 10")
Skeptical: Enjoy This Trip 10" Sampler

In addition to the album - Skeptical in deadly precise Grime & Dub excursion mode

EP out of stock

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Exit 072 (UK EP)
Dub Phizix: Rebel Spirit EP

DP’s ever stunning blend of half-stepping Drum & Bass, Dance Hall & Grime - TIP!

EP out of stock

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Exit 089 (UK EP)
Workforce: Your Moves

Crisp, cutting-edge Drum & Bass bangers

Do EP out of stock

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Exit 071 (UK Do EP)
Skeptical & Alix Perez: Without A Trace EP

Ace, crisp, reduced, modern Drum & Bass (comes in plain sleeve, no picture cover)

EP out of stock

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Exit 076 (UK EP)
Groves: Tengmo Rah EP

Crisp, highly effective tunes at the edge of half-step Drum & Bass & Grime beat science

Exit 068 (UK EP)
Mark System: Break Glass EP

Modern, crafty, fresh Drum & Bass heat

12" out of stock

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Exit 087 (UK 12")
Lewis James: The Death of Habit

Diverse, 'Autonomic' sound reviving Drum & Bass / Pop EP

12" out of stock

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Exit 086 (UK 12")
Gantz: Garam / Rabid

Heartbreaking R'n'B / Pop / Grime cuts

12" out of stock

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Exit Vs 008 (UK 12")

Blinding & highly effective Dance Hall / halfstep Drum & Bass / Footwork weapons

12" out of stock

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Exit 075 (UK 12")
Zed Bias: Different Response LP Remixes

Perfect Drum & Bass feat. Calibre’s soulful warmth & Skeptical’s deadly precision