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Delsin 133 (Euro 12")
Gunnar Haslam: Cacique de Poyais

Spacious, reduced, atmospheric Techno jams

Delsin C 13 (Euro 12")
Artefakt: Falling Into The Light

Far reverberating dreamy Techno trips

Do LP out of stock

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Delsin 130 (Euro Do LP)
VC-118A: Inside

Excellently prod., dreamily reverberating Electro / Techno album

Delsin X 19 (Euro Do LP)
Repeat: Repeats

Reissue of Mark Broom, Dave Hill & Plaid co-prod. classic IDM / Techno / Ambient album from 1995

12" out of stock

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Yan Cook: Dead Satellite

Flawless, deep, boomy Techno cuts

Delsin X 10 (Euro 12")
Norken: Southern Soul

A 1998 Lee Norris aka Metamatics joint - eternal Ambient Techno groover

Delsin X 17 (Euro 12")
Indio: Inca

Reissue of John Beltran co-prod. blinding warm Detroit Techno bliss

Delsin E 1 (Euro 12")
Seawash: Pantomime EP

Excellent dubbed out and atmospheric UKG/Electronica hybrid tracks

12" out of stock

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Delsin X 16 (Euro 12")
VC-118A: Vaxna

Reissue of perfect atmospheric Electro trips

12" out of stock

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Delsin X 5 (Euro 12")
Claro Intelecto: Peace Of Mind

Reissue of Claro Intelecto's timelessly classic EP from 2003

12" out of stock

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Delsin 009 (Euro 12")
Norken: The Lost Day EP

2018 repress of Lee Norris prod. superb, crispy, Detroitish Ambient Techno gem

Delsin X 6 (Euro 12")
In Sync: Storm

Eternal Irdial classics reissued

12" out of stock

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Delsin 129 (Euro 12")
Conforce: Terra Modis

Atmospheric dubbed out Techno dreaminess

3x LP out of stock

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Delsin X 14 (Euro 3x LP)
Yagya: Rigning
12" out of stock

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Delsin 125 (Euro 12")
Nthng: Turn To Gaia

Mesmerizing, subtly harmonic Ambient Techno / Ambient EP