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Cooked 008 (12")
Yan Cook: Echus Chasma EP

Highly optimized, deep, boomy Techno EP

Cooked 006 (12")
Yan Cook: Counterclockwise

Highly effective, forward marching Techno bangers

Yan Cook: Inferno

Highly effective, driving Techno weaponry

Arts Core 014 (12")
Yan Cook: Cold Spots

Ace, highly effective, varied Techno stompers

12" out of stock

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Cooked 007 (12")
Yan Cook: Blades EP

Highly effective, trippy big room Techno stompers

Arts 032 (12")
Yan Cook: Graphite

Optimized big room Techno bangers

12" out of stock

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Yan Cook: Loophole

Optimized DJ friendly big room Techno gear

12" out of stock

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R3volution 004 (12")
Various Artists: Those Who Dare EP Vol. 1
Do EP out of stock

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Cooked 005 (Do EP)
Yan Cook: Somatic
12" out of stock

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Various Artists: Politics Of Greed

Optimized, effective, reverberating big room Techno mini-compilation

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Arts X 003 (Download only)
Yan Cook: Miles Below The Surface

Effective DJ tool Techno bangers