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Lionel Marchetti: La grande vallée / Micro-climat

Blinding 1980/90s musique concrète / Drone compositions - Tip! (w/ download code)

Susan Alcorn: The Heart Sutra (Arranged by Janel Leppin)
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France Jobin: Death Is Perfection, Everything Else Is Relative

Sparse floating Ambient scapes (w/ download code)

Mika Vainio: Last Live

Recording of Vainio's uncompromising last concert (w/ download code)

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Okkyung Lee: Teum (the Silvery Slit)

Sublime immersive avant-computer music piece

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Grand River: Blink a Few Times to Clear Your Eyes
Mego Editions 292 (Do LP)

Raw distorted rhythmic Noise explorations (comes with vinyl exclusive tracks on C/D sides) (w/ download code)

Ai Aso: The Faintest Hint

Wonderful introverted Indie Rock / Pop pearl (w/ download code)


Perfect, dark, Stephen O’Malley & Peter Rehberg created Drone exploration (w/ download code)

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Jim O’Rourke: Shutting Down Here

Extended, masterful, subtle Electronics / Neo-Classical cinema (download card included)

Kassel Jaeger & Jim O’Rourke: In Cobalt Aura Sleeps

Immersive Drone Electronics landscapes (w/ download code)

Cucina Povera & ELS: The Oystercatcher

Introverted & restrained Electronics & voice works (w/ download code)