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Ace, straight forward, highly effective Techno cuts

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Lee Holman: One Man Army

Excellent, throbbing, dense Techno pressure

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T.R.U. 005 (US 12")
Mirror Box: Minimal Compliance

1980s Wave, Synth-Pop & EBM tinged Electronica excursions

Tilt 001 (D 12")
Faerber: 070717 EP

Straight ahead, subtly EBM tinged Techno trips

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Herzel: Forms EP

Fine Tech House / Acid House jams

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Asymmetrical Code 003 (Euro Download only)
Fragmento: Analysis Album
Ba Da Bing 137 (US LP)
Sarah Davachi: Gave In Rest

In search for the perfect Drone - ‘quite’ modern classical & electronic compositions

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DDS 035 (UK Do EP)

Pulsating, Electronica saturated Ambient House / Tech House tracks (one copy per person)

Diagonal 046 (UK EP)
Shit And Shine: Very High EP

Weirdly 1980s Wave / Disco / Post Punk trained & Proto-House comptabile cuts

Downwards 78 (UK EP)
Samuel Kerridge: The I Is Nothing

Fearless Techno explorer w/ echoes on UK Grime & IDM heritage - Highly Recommended!

E-Beamz 023 (UK EP)
Soela: Early Bird EP

Very classic, dreamy atmospheric to Disco derived DJ tool UK House EP

Ecstatic 039 (UK LP)

Densely atmospheric, slowly pulsating Ambient drifters

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Film 010 (D LP)
Attraktta: Echo Principle

Collection of light, spaced out, subtly grooving to pure Ambient Electronics