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Judas: Unsaid Pt. 2

Ace, grinding, dark big room Techno pounders

Body Works 001 (US EP)
Timothy J. Fairplay: DX Marks The Spot EP

Fully Electro, Italy Disco & Detroit Techno schooled, yet original & perfectly executed Electro / Techno EP (killer TDR package too)

Body Works 002 (US EP)
Orlando Voorn: Waveforms Ahead

Legendary OV prod. Electro cut in proper remix treatment w/ Dub Techno bonus version (in TDR sleeve again)

12" out of stock

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Brenda 009 (D 12")
Cncpt: Peonia

Perfect, pure, spacious Techno trips

12" out of stock

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Bite 003 (Euro 12")
Sarin: Kuleshov Effect

Driving EBM Industrial Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Function 045 (UK 12")
Calibre: Push Through It (feat. Jet Li)

Crisp Drum & Bass floater with ‘that’ idiosyncratic Calibre touch

Happy Skull 014 (UK 12")
Bass Clef: Charnel House

Swinging outsider Acid House jam b/w stripped down, crisp Electro jam

12" out of stock

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Mershak: Industry

Tough, partly noisy UK Electro / Grime rhythms mini album

12" out of stock

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90 Process: No Warehouse Needed
12" out of stock

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J Slusher: Ground Clone Spells

Raw, distorted & noisy, direct Techno banger

Fadi Mohem: Reinforced

Straight ahead, boomy & effective big room Techno weapons & half-stepping Dubstep bonus

Smallville 054 (D 12")
Julius Steinhoff: Along The Coast

Driving, Acid & warm sound sphere relying House / Tech House groovers

EP out of stock

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Steinlach 001 (D EP)
Wice: Hedonism EP

Widely reverberating, effective, spaced out classy Techno set

Do 12" out of stock

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Metasplice: Mirvariates
UVB-76 009 (UK 12")
Karim Maas: Old World Disorder

Stunning Noise-Ambient scapes centered EP w/ out-there Drum & Bass / Techno affine cuts

UVB-76 010 (UK 12")
Stave: ATK - EP

Set of sparsely arranged, ultra heavy Industrial Techno pulses