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Blueprint 041 (UK 12")
Makaton: Nothing Can Be Held Our Hand For Long
Blueprint 042 (UK 12")
Sigha: Pluralism

Reduced, corrosive, deep Techno trips

Blueprint R 03 (UK 12")
James Ruskin: Conspiracy EP

20th anniversary mini showcase feat. classic Techno throughout Ruskin’s vast catalogue

Blueprint 044 (UK 12")
Surgeon: Search Deep Inside Yourself

Absolutely flawless Techno EP

Blueprint 048 (UK 12")
Makaton: When The Dead Rise From The Sea
Blueprint R 02 (UK 12")
Oliver Ho: Awakening The Sentient

Proper in-ya-face Techno banger in a ’party-like-it’s-1999-stylee’

Blueprint 049 (UK 12")
Truncate: Terminal 5

Deadly effective, perfect big room DJ tool Techno

Blueprint 037 (UK 12")
Lakker: Torann EP

Experimental IDM edged, hard & spaced out Techno EP

Blueprint 045 (UK 12")
Oliver Ho: Burning Heretics

Captivating, stepping, built-up electricity discharging Techno drivers

12" out of stock

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Rumah & Progression: Wind Up And Squeeze

Ace, boomy, effective big room Techno stompers

R.A.S.P.: Deployment

Driving, minimalist, direct DJ tool Techno set

12" out of stock

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Blueprint 046 (UK 12")
O/V/R: Easy Prey

Boomy, acidic Techno trips

12" out of stock

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Blueprint 038 (UK 12")

Crafty DJ tool Techno & IDM hybrids

12" out of stock

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Blueprint 043 (UK 12")
Rommek: Moth Hole

Direct, raw & minimalist Techno banger

12" out of stock

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Progression: The Coriolis Effect

Minimalist DJ tool Techno set

12" out of stock

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R&B: Edits

James Ruskin & Mark Broom produced DJ tool Techno