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Downwards LP 028 (Do LP)
Regis: Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss
Downwards 72 (EP)
Simon Shreeve: Lust Product

Magnificient, sub heavy, Mønic prod. Techno / Ambient killers

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Downwards 81 (EP)

Sparse, droning, UK Wave / Punk heritage indebted excursions

Do LP out of stock

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Downwards LP 005 (Do LP)
Regis: Delivered Into The Hands Of Indifference

Ever adventurous SK collaborates for stunningly fresh, precise ‘weightless’ Grime & Techno affine Electronics

Downwards 76 (12")
Samuel Kerridge: The Silence Between Us

A radical, true hard Techno explorer: dense, crisp, fresh Designer Techno for the fearless

Downwards 82 (EP)

Oliver Ho produced awesome Industrial / Drone excursion

Ugandan Methods & Prurient: Dial B for Beauty

Proper outstanding Techno/Industrial integration

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O/V/R: The World Remade

Proper Techno by professionals - original Downwards vibes w/ locked grooves