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Rawax RX 2 (12")
Jammin’ Unit: Flower Swing

Reissue of driving 90s Acid Techno missiles

Desired State: Beyond Bass / Killer Beat

Reissue of superb, deep, punchy Jungle / Drum & Bass goodness from 1993/94

Flatliner: The Big Bang / No Boundaries

Reissue of superb, deep, punchy Jungle / Drum & Bass goodness from 1994/95

PND 010 (12")
QX 1: Tribute EP

Reissue of Mike Dunn prod. fantastic, original House / Acid House cuts from 1991

Sound Virus: Inverted Frequencies

Reissue of minimalist, sub heavy driving, subtle UK Techno / House gem from 1995

CSM 001 (12")
Selway: CSM I

Reissue of deadly, warm, minimalist House floaters

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Keplar Rev 001 LP (Do LP)

Reissue of warm, deep, explorative Chain Reaction Dub / Dub Techno bliss from 1999 / 2000 (w/ download code)

Ismistik: Oasis EP

Reissue of original, Bjørn Torske prod. 1992 Djax-Up-Beats House / Techno EP

Velocity Press 009T (12" + Book)

First time vinyl release including all tracks + "the acid house novel" written by Trevor Miller, paperback (288 pages) - essential! (one per customer)

Keplar Rev 006 LP (Do LP)
Shuttle358: Chessa

First-time extended vinyl issue of wonderful, early 00s, sample granulation enriched, post-'clicks & cuts' Ambient warmth (w/ download code)

Dream 2 Science: Dream 2 Science

Valuable remastered reissue of rare eternal 1990 NYC Deep House classic - Essential alert!