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D.I.E.: Move Yo Body

Valuable reissue of Detroit Electro heritage tinged, highly effective jacking Detroit Bass funkiness - Tip!

CSM 001 (12")
Selway: CSM I

Reissue of deadly, warm, minimalist House floaters

Ismistik: Bonus Bouncers EP

Reissue of original, Bjørn Torske prod. 1991 Djax-Up-Beats Techno warmth

Ismistik: Oasis EP

Reissue of original, Bjørn Torske prod. 1992 Djax-Up-Beats House / Techno EP

Ismistik: Remain

Reissue of Bjørn Torske prod. wonderful Techno / Ambient album from 1995 incl. previous CD-only tracks

Panic: Dialated Rhythms / Last Injection

Reissue of orignal Aubrey prod. Breakbeat / Techno gems from 1990

PAL SL 004 (12")
Baby Ford: BFORD 14

Reissue of superb, atmospheric, reduced, hypnotic Minimal Techno class from 1998

12" out of stock

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Bayo Damazio: Listen To The Music

Superb reissue of impossible to find Nigerian Funk, comes with lovely poster

Mona Finnih: I Love Myself

Killer Nigerian Funk revived, comes with lovely poster

First Planet: Top Of The World

Spaced Afro Disco murder, comes with lovely poster

DJ Duke: D2-D2

Reissue of classic Henry Street Music tracks

Faze Lock: Come Again

Reissue of sought-after Hardcore / Jungle gem from 1993

Grönland 001 (LP)
Neu!: Neu!

Valuable reissue of block building 1971 album in gatefold sleeve