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Faitiche Back 01 (Do LP)
Jan Jelinek: Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records

Expanded reissue of classy, warm, Clicks & Cuts-era Ambient House album - a Jelinek standard (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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Jan Jelinek: ICE Compositions

Reissue of pulsating Ambient EP from 2001 later re-interpreted on Triosk's '1+3+1' album

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Reissue of excellent, free styling jazzy Lounge Electronica album (w/ download code)

Faitiche 013 (LP)

Richly textured, subtly jazzy, beautiful Electronic / Ambient album (w/ download code)

Faitiche 018 (LP)
Asuna & Jan Jelinek: Signals Bulletin

Stunning blend of ‘perfect’ Drones & swirling synthesizer textures in explorer mode (w/ download code)

Jan Jelinek & Computer Soup: Improvisations And Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001

Clicks’n’cuts’ golden era Lounge Ambient / Electronic Jazz hybrid gem reissued on vinyl (w/ download code)

7" out of stock

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Faitiche 016 (7")

Superb Radiophonics reminiscent, retro-futuristic Electronics