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Warp LP 038 (Do LP)
Autechre: Tri Repetae

Repress of Autechre's 3rd album in gatefold cover - must have. (w/ download code)

Warp LP 049 (Do LP)
Autechre: Chiastic Slide

Repress of 1997 abstract IDM Electronica classic (w/ download code)

Warp LP 066 (Do LP)
Autechre: LP 5

Repress of 1998 advanced computer music & Electronica classic (w/ download code)

Warp LP 338 (Do LP)
Autechre: Plus

Next level IDM Electronica sorcery from planet AE (w/ download code)

Warp LP 329 (Do LP)
Autechre: Sign

Inimitably prodigious, beyond-human-worldly transmissions from Electronica's Mount Olympus (w/ download code)