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Regal: The Eyes

Full-on Rave Techno floorfillers

Exile 011 (D 12")
Johannes Heil: Exile 011

Effective boomy DJ tool Techno stompers

Involve 025 (Euro 12")
Opal: Burden Of Power

Powerful big room Techno pounders

Konsequent 060 (D 12")

Heavy, Alexander Kowalski prod. Acid Techno bangers, one-sided vinyl

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Noise Manifesto 009 (Euro Download only)
Paula Temple: Raging Earth

Pounding, cinematic atmospheric big room Techno banger b/w purist Noise explorer

Sodai 009 (UK EP)

Crafty Techno / minimalist UK Tech House set

Tripeo: Kilombo

Varied, effective, uplifting Techno EP

Unum 002 (D 12")
Fragmentor: Fire The Fire

Effective spaced out Techno stompers

AnD 004 (UK 12")
AnD: We Don't Belong Here EP

Hard, direct, ‘in-ya-face’ TECHNO BANGER

Ilian Tape 030 (D 12")
Stenny: Consume IV

Awesome, breakbeat infused killer Techno EP - including two loops

Ilian Tape 037 (D 12")
Andrea: Remade

Fabulous, uplifting, atmospheric Techno EP

Big Beak 002 (Euro Do EP)

Original, expertly executed, full range Dub House / Electronic Dub set

Clergy 015 (Euro 12")
Cleric & Kmyle: Empty Shells

Heavy optimized big room Techno pounders w/ ace James Ruskin remix

Surgeon: Midnight Club Tracks

Pioneering Techno in Surgeon sound signature