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Shaw Cuts 006 (D 12")
Poima: Twin Blades Of Doom

Fine kicking Techno w/ excellent Inland & Regen remixes

Panacea: Above The Absolute

Hard hitting, dark, from Hardcore descended Industrial Techno pounders

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Strisctrx 005 (D Download only)
Various Artists: STRISCTRX VA EP
12" out of stock

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Clay Wilson: Law of Seven

Minimalist, boomy, subtly atmospheric Drone tinged DJ tool Techno

Tokomak 009 (D 12")
Sirko Müller & Don Williams: Colliding Worlds EP

Fast forward moving, spaced out swinging to stomping, tripping Techno gem

Uncage 007 (D 12")

Boomy, dense, dreamy big room Techno stompers

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Warm Up 051 (Euro 12")
Dimi Angélis: Tonight’s Sky
Zhark 015 (D 12")
Harsh: Tripods

Industrial/Techno & IDM rooted Noise scapes (repress without cover)

Artless 2180 (D 12")
Mark Archer: Songs For Einna EP

Craftily executed, classy blend of jacking Chicago & classic Detroit schooled Techno

Hypercolour 074 (UK 12")
Frak: Berga Magic EP

Minimalist, experimental atmospheric, classic Techno drifter

R-Time 006 (UK 12")
Sir Lord Commix: Retroactive (Part Three)

Reissued late 1990s UK Techno in early 1990s Detroit school vein

Scraps 002 (D 12")
Sies: Purport

Fresh, focussed Techno stompers