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DJ Overdose: Housejam Freaker

No nonsense feverish jacking House/Electro cuts w/ locked grooves

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50 Weapons 046 (D 12")
Anstam / Monolake: Dolores / VT-100

Half-stepping, boomy & light, swinging Hyper-Techno w/ Drone-leaning sound spheres

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Deepblak 026 (US 12")
Octo Octa: Further Trips EP

Dense atmospheric house tracks

Rawax LP 003 (D Do LP)
Kit Clayton: Nek Sanalet

2015 reissue; 1999 dubbed out Ambient Electronica/Dub Techno album

Ndagga 22 (D 12")

Further into Mbalax derived, rhythm focused territory b/w drums scape in dub-mode

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Diskant 006 (D 12")
Don’t DJ: ’ri∂.em

Brilliant, Outernational drumming musics inspired EP

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Diskant 008 (D EP)
Don’t DJ: ˈkā-dän(t)s

’ultra-dense and complex yet catchy polyrhythmic structures’

J:Kenzo: Rum Punch

Classy, fresh, minimalist Drum & Bass

Blue Hour: Remixed 01

Excellent remix set well balanced between effective big room & leftfield Techno

Blueprint 041 (UK 12")
Makaton: Nothing Can Be Held Our Hand For Long
Dystopian 012 (D 12")
Stone Edge: Edges EP

Chilled, classic, basic Techno/House rooted, craftily executed EP

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Enemy 029 (D 12")
Dustin Zahn: New Day Rising Remixes
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Macro 043 (D 12")
Rroxymore: Tautologies EP

Supreme psychedelic Techno trips

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VRV 005 (US 12")
Subversive: Domestique

Deep dubby hypnotic techno

Arts 015 (Euro 12")
Kitkatone: Saaret

Heavily stomping, euphoric Techno cuts

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Figure 070.5 (D 12")

One sided picture disc; effective big room Techno

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Figure SPC V (D 12")
Rod: SPC V