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L.I.E.S. 039 (12")
Marcos Cabral: Capri Social

Fine pounding and tripping Techno jams

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MOS Deep 016 (12")
R-A-G: Vacuum

Dense, vintage Synthesizer music leaning retro House/Techno

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Orbe 001 (12")
Eduardo De La Calle: Welcome Back, Oreol

Dubbed out Techno trips

Ostgut Ton 106 (12")
Terence Fixmer: Force EP

Hard stomping to heavily banging, EBM rooted, perfect big room Techno set

Isabella: Whistle

Distorted, rhythm centered, jammed Techno cuts & light Ambient Electronica

Príncipe 024 (LP)
Niagara: Apologia

Richly textured, pulsating & subtly grooving Ambient Electronica

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Safe Trip 011 (EP)
Ben Penn: Very Important EP

1980s Lounge Electronics derived Chill-out & Ambient EP

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Safe Trip 015 (12")

Retro-esque, lo-fi House jams

Skudge PT LP 001 (Do EP)
Aardvarck: Co In Ci

Fine dense and atmospheric Techno album; 12" EP + 10"

Xyn Cabal: Perfect Oracle

Intense, Noise & IDM affine Avant-Electronics

UIQ 011 (10")

Intense, Noise edged Avant-IDM Electronics

Zomby: Let's Jam 2 EP

Spaced out UKG/Dubstep adventures