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Shapes of Rhythm 008 (Download only)
Gaijin Blues: Puff-Puff

East Asian Pop alike infected Dance groover

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Subtly Indie-Tronica tinged, Drone research aiming, resonating Ambient bliss

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Man Tear: Kill Me

Full-on Disco House bangers

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Ara 002 (EP)
Adiel: Musicofilia

Crisp IDM Designer-Techno explorer

154: Wherever You Go, I Will Follow

Idiosyncratic, fantastic, epic Ambient House bliss

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Dekmantel UFO 004 (Do LP)
Anthony Parasole: Infrared Vision
Diagonal 041 (LP)
Powell: New Beta Vol.2

Freestyling blend of rhythms centred UK Post-Punk, New Wave & early 2000 IDM approaches

Diagonal 054 (LP)
Sote: Parallel Persia

Stunning blend of cutting edge IDM, CAD Noise & classical Persian musics derivatives

Downwards 82 (EP)

Oliver Ho produced awesome Industrial / Drone excursion

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Echovolt 021 (LP)
Templeyard Studios: Messages From A Better Destiny

Dark abrasive Techno/Electro hybrid cuts

Ecstatic 039 (LP)

Densely atmospheric, slowly pulsating Ambient drifters