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 12"  € 12.00

downloads 2021-02-01
Voitax 023 (12")
Luz1e: Radical Optimism

Lethal relentless Electro bangers (w/ download code)

EP out of stock

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Voitax 016 (EP)
Cyan85: Bay Of Sampieri

Excellent, early Detroit leaning Electro bangers (repress w/o cover) (w/ download code)

Voitax 022 (12")
L/F/D/M: Mutual Autopsy

Gnarly raw Electro bangers (w/ download code)

Voitax 021 (EP)
Cressida: Sambo

Superb, dark, crisp Grime / Hardcore infused UK Techno EP (w/ download code)

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Voitax LP 003 (LP)
Cyan85: Lucid Intervals
Voitax 020 (EP)
Arad: Radiance Haze

Superb cinematic Breakbeat Techno / Electronica by one half of Lakker (w/ download code)

Voitax 017 (12")
Rory St John: Excommunication

Excellent, varied, atmospheric Techno EP

Voitax 002 (12")
Voitax: Noun

Fine psychedelic Techno cuts

Voitax 008 (12")
Voitax: Hymn To Lust

Hard hitting, distorted, noisy Techno EP

Voitax 012 (12")
Esker: Destruction Time Again

Fierce, Noise infused Techno bangers (w/ download code)

Voitax 015 (12")
Cressida: Borneo Function

Adventurous, Grime / Techno hybridization

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Voitax 011 (12")
Paàl: Fitz Roy

Fine varied Industrial Techno EP