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Nonplace 034 (Do EP)

Pioneering percussive, Outernational musics reflecting killer album

Nonplace 037 (EP)

Delicate House excursions - subtly dubbed out & in Friedman sound signature

Risque 1 (12")

Subtle killer grooves derived from Friedman’s Outernational percussions & musics infected works - Highly Recommended!

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Nonplace 033 (Do LP)
Burnt Friedman: Bokoboko

Explorative percussive, outernational musics reflecting killer album

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TP edit style extended remix version b/w chilled Burnt Friedman rework

LMD 021 (12")
Burnt Friedman: Potential For Havoc

Singular, leftfield, genres defying rhythm dynamics

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Latency 010 (EP)
Burnt Friedman: The Pestle

Impressive compilation of Friedman works 1993 - 2011: fearless, ancient-futuristic, carefully percussively textured, singular music - Highly Recommended

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Burnt Friedman: Isomorphic

Stunning EP derived from Friedman’s archive - idiosyncratic Electronic music in explorer mode - Highly Recommended!

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Various Artists: Dekmantel 10 Years 05