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"...unique fluency with sound dynamics and the acoustic and electronic in the context of live performance..."

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Incienso 009 (LP)
Call Super: Every Mouth Teeth Missing
Raster 192 (LP)
Franck Vigroux: Ballades Sur Lac Gelé

Well crafted, Mika Vainio works oriented Designer Noise / Industrial Electronics album

Twinkle3: Minor Planets

"...all about the unique synergies the group discover in combining free group improvisation with studio and musique-concrete techniques.."

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Horo Ex 002 (12")
ASC: Geocentric Systems

Supreme Ambient Techno excursions (one NM- copy)

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Kranky 229 (LP)
Loscil: coast/range/arc//

Wonderful, sparse yet immersive Drone glacier scapes