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Touch Tone 070 (UK LP)
Simon Scott: Migrations

Puristic, dense soundscapes of processed field recordings

KTL: 3

One sided LP b/w etching - explorers Rehberg & O’Malley delivering Noise / Avant-Metal /Drone project in full effect (one mint copy)

Touch Tone (UK LP)
Eleh / Nana April Jun: Observations & Momentum

Purist, electronic Drone & Noise explorer (one near mint copy)

Touch Tone 042 (UK LP)
Sohrab: A Hidden Place

Highly recommended electronic Drone/Ambient album (one near mint copy)

Fennesz: Seven Stars

Ingenious & idiosyncratic guitar-DSP-treatment centered pieces (one near mint copy)

Touch Tone 057 (UK LP)
UnicaZürn: Transpandorem

Side-long, ‘ceaselessly evolving musical compositions’ - Recommended!

Touch 111 (UK Do LP)

Superb, cinematic Modern Classical & Drone dedicated sound works - Recommended!

Do LP out of stock

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Touch 083 V (UK Do LP)
Oren Ambarchi: Audience of One

’a four-part suite which moves from throbbing minimalism to expansive song-craft to ecstatic free-rock’

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Touch 115 (UK CD)
Fennesz: Agora

Dense, glistening, bright Ambient / Drone sound scapes by one of the best in the field

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Touch 107 (UK CD)
OZmotic: Elusive Balance

Classy, glistening Ambient Drone bliss w/ subtle echoes on IDM

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Touch Spire 7 (UK CD)
The Eternal Chord: Semper Liber

Ultra minimalist, puristic Drone

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Touch 104 (UK CD)
Mark Van Hoen: Invisible Threads

Great selection of Electronic Drone / cinematic Ambient pieces

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Touch 110 (UK CD)
Strafe F.R.: The Bird Was Stolen
12" out of stock

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Touch Tone 061 (UK 12")
Fennesz: Station One

Idiosyncratic, enlightening, intense Ambient bliss

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Touch 053 V (UK Do LP)
Fennesz: Venice (10th Anniversary Edition)
CD out of stock

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Touch Tone 059 (UK CD)

Ultra minimalist, fantastic excursion in search for the perfect Drone