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Discrepant 073 (UK LP)
Calhau!: Tau Tau

Introverted Portuguese folklore deconstruction

Discrepant 062 (UK LP)
Félix Blume: Fog Horns

Amazing set of Drones built from ‘captured sounds of boat horns in Piraeus, Athens, Greece’ - TIP!

Discrepant 065 (UK LP)
Various Artists: The Sacred Entertainment (Réak, Ceremonial Horse Trance Music from Priangan)

Ancient futurist music from ‘the morning of the world’: Java

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Discrepant 071 (UK LP)
Raed Yassin: CW Tapes

Immense sound collage featuring material from ‘dispersed and neglected archives of militias and political parties, radio and TV stations, and record shops across Lebanon.’

Discrepant 070 (UK LP)

Idiosyncratic mix of ‘ancient music traditions, new & old fold folk, field recordings & manipulating electronic’

Discrepant 064 (UK LP)
Mazen Kerbaj: Trumpet Solo, Vol. 2.2 (Cuts, Overdubbing, Use of Electronics)

Stunningly dynamic, Drone themed true sound explorer: ‘beyond the limits of believable.’

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Discrepant 069 (UK LP)
People Like Us: The Mirror

Vicki Bennett prod. classic sound collages: disassembling of popular music by exploring how the narrative of familiar sounds/songs can change dramatically under a new context’

Discrepant 058 (UK LP)
Mike Cooper: Tropical Gothic

Oustanding, imaginative soundscapes: ‘Cooper’s limitless exploration in his collection of guitars’

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Discrepant 057 (UK LP)

‘in the field of experimental-tropical-cocktail music, no one does it like Spencer Clark’

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Discrepant 061 (UK LP)
Various Artists: Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa, Vol. 2: Regiões