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Kranky 214 (US LP)
Saloli: The Deep End

Pure, New Age indebted, minimalist, melodic Electronic drifters

Kranky 220 (US LP)

Touching, slightly Indie-Tronica tinged, outstandingly sounding Designer Electronics

LP out of stock

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Kranky 210 (US LP)
Justin Walter: Unseen Forces

Beautiful, sparse to close to Boards Of Canada reminiscent Ambient sound scapes

Kranky 185 (US LP)
Anjou: Anjou

Mark Nelson & Robert Donne produced stunningly beautiful Ambient sound scapes

Kranky 152 (US LP)
Pan American: For Waiting, For Chasing

Masterful, epic, eternal excursions into Electronic/‘Post-Rock’ territorry

Kranky 020 (US LP)
Stars Of The Lid: Gravitational Pull vs. The Desire for an Aquatic Life

2018 repress of a remarkable eternal Drone / Ambient / Post-Rock classic