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DDS 019 (UK LP)

Electronica-Techno hybbrids centered, diverse mini-album

Exit 067 (UK EP)
Fixate: March On EP

Bridging half-stepping Drum & Bass adventures + wild Footwork derivatives & developments

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Idle Hands 036 (UK 12")
Om Unit: Friend Of Day

Chilled Electronica / Ambient House EP

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Hedge Maze: Kerb Hits

Minimalist leftfield Ambient House to lo-fi rhythm tracks ranging EP

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Ozel AB: Valis

Pulsating, raw lo-fi Ambient House centred EP

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Kwartz: Hope For Guiltiness

Optimized & dense big room Techno stompers

12" out of stock

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Ostgut Ton 095 (D 12")
Gonno & Nick Höppner: The Fantastic Planet EP

Fine, diverse DJ tool House set

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LD Nero: Elation Tracks

Minimalist & subtle House groovers

Mall Grab: Menace II Society

Bouncy, raw House / Techno traxx work out (repress in generic disco sleeve)

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LTO: The Number From Which All Things Come

Full range Electronica set from percussion textures to smooth, warm Ambient sound scapes

Smallville 048 (D 12")
Smallpeople: Crystal Fandango

Flawless, warm, classic House set

EP out of stock

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Diagonal 030 (UK EP)
Container: Vegetation EP

Container is killing it again: raw, direct, as intense as original Techno jams

R.T. Factor: What Does It Mean

Elegant Ron Trent prod. House sophistication

12" out of stock

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Nemorous 002 (D 12")
Anja Zaube: Ravenous

Gloomy atmospheric Techno steppers b/w dreamy Blind Observatory stomper

Arts 019 (Euro 12")

Ace, highly effective Techno pounders