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E-Beamz 036 (EP)
Mani Festo: Continuum

Dark reduced UK Breakbeat / Techno EP

E-Beamz 035 (10")
Zoo Look: Direct Contact / Ravioli Ocean

Dreamy Acid Breakbeat / House cuts

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E-Beamz 007 (12")
Interplanetary Criminal: Intergalactic Jack

Warm subs driven, atmospherically tripping, raw UK House set

E-Beamz 014 (12")
DJ Swagger: Book Of Res EP

Banging mid 1990s Chicago school & wobbling UKG rooted UK house blend

E-Beamz 034 (12")
Borai & Denham Audio: Clouds Across The Stars

Flawless, breakbeats infused UK House weaponry

E-Beamz 006 (12")

Slamming, party guaranteed UK House cuts in Disco re-edit / Pop-mash-up mode

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E-Beamz 021 (12")
Jensen Interceptor: Hydro Systems
E-Beamz 017 (12")
S-DM: Southside EP

‘roots music’: Chicago oldschool Acid House reminiscent, effective DJ tool set

E-Beamz 029 (EP)
Robert Dietz: Strobelight Honey EP

Classy mixture of current, minimalist DJ tool & oldschool UK House vibes

E-Beamz 009 (12")
Storage Media: 001-4 EP

Warm, raw leftfield House EP

E-Beamz 023 (EP)
Soela: Early Bird EP

Very classic, dreamy atmospheric to Disco derived DJ tool UK House EP

12" out of stock

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E-Beamz 011 (12")
Hugo Massien: No Return

Raw, minimalist UK House / Tech House groover

E-Beamz 010 (12")
Ray Kandinski: Lo Fi Is Dead EP

Hard hitting, lo-fi-esque, UK Retro-House jackers

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E-Beamz 030 (EP)
Vort: Silverlight EP

‘braindancing’ Electro / Breakbeat beauties

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E-Beamz 024 (EP)
P€PA & Z$OLI: Psz_Rave

‘...a nostalgia drenched ep rooted deeply in early Hardcore, Rave and Jungle also touching down in tha House early on.’