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Tensal 007 (12")
Tensal: Archives G

Reduced, heavy, perfectly optimized big room Techno stompers

Warm Up 057 (12")
Tensal: Real Ammunition EP

Excellent, optimized, focused big room Techno stompers

Ownlife 003 (12")
Tensal: Future Initiation Rituals

Direct, effective big room Techno EP

Tensal 008 (Do EP)
Tensal: Disco Negro

Highly optimized, dense big room Techno pressure

Mord 071 (12")
Tensal: Tyranny EP

Flawless, highly focused Techno missiles

Tensal 005 (12")
Tensal: Tensal E

Perfectly reduced, heavy big room Techno pounders

Cabrera 018 (12")
Tensal: Body Wounds

Expertly boomy & kicking Techno stompers

Tensal 003 (Do EP)
Tensal: Tensal C

Effective, perfect DJ tool big room Techno

Tensal 002 (12")
Tensal: Tensal B

Effective, boomy DJ tool big room Techno

Soma 526 (12")
Tensal: Graphical Remixes

Excellent atmospheric Techno remix package incl. Pessimist bomb

12" out of stock

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Ownlife 008 (12")
Tensal: Subaquatic Saga

Flawless boomy big room Techno effectiveness

Tensal 009 (12")
Tensal: Certain Magnitude

Optimized boomy big room Techno effectiveness

Tensal 001 (12")
Tensal: Tensal A

Minimalist, stomping DJ tool Techno

12" out of stock

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Pole Group 039 (12")
Tensal: Cause Effect

Massive & effective big room Techno firepower

Mord 059 (12")
Tensal: Unequal Struggle

Highly optimized muscular Techno might