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Arts 013 (Euro 12")
Subjected: Steel EP

Perfectly executed, effect guaranteed, reduced Techno stomper

Noiztank 001 (Euro 12")
Zosima: Tears Of Blackpowder EP
Noiztank 002 (Euro 12")
Zosima: A Lady From Siberia EP
Nord 008 (Euro Do EP)
DJ Guy: Ancient Future 1993-1997

Superb collection of diverse, raw, supposed-to-be-made-in-90s Techno & Electro

Bas Mooy: Caged EP

Classy, stripped down, banging Techno bomb

Ortloff 012 (Euro 12")
Qy: Quatro

Excellent Acid House & Detroit schooled Techno EP

Vault Series 017 (D 12")
Mistake Made: Vault Series 17

Dry, stomping DJ tool Techno w/ Electro bonus cut

Acido 020 (D 12")

Pulsating, outer-space -Jazz/ Techno hybrids rooted universal groove excursions

Basic Channel 01 (D 12")
Cyrus: Enforcement

Monster Acid b/w outstanding Mills rework

Exploration 008 (D 12")
Johannes Volk: The Awakened Guardians

Proper Techno banger w/ echoes from 1990s Detroit school

Hadal 003 (UK 12")
Pangaea: New Shapes In The Air

Classy, UK Bass affiliated ’4-track EP of Techno mutations’

Imbalance 03 (D CD)
Async Sense: Async Sense

1995 Avant-Computer-Music compositions by Andy Mellwig (of Porter Ricks); original sealed copies

Imbalance 03 V (D EP)
Async Sense: Async Sense

1995 Avant-Computer-Music compositions by Andy Mellwig (of Porter Ricks); original mint copies though split spine & light wear from storage

Klockworks 001 (D 12")
Klockworks: Klockworks 1

Reduced, effective DJ tool killer Techno

Klockworks 002 (D 12")
Klockworks: Klockworks 2

Storming Techno stomper

Klockworks 009 (D 12")
Trevino: Forged

Deadly, fresh, crafty & aware killer Techno

[ ml / i ] 006 (D CD)
Monolake: Gravity

Few mint original copies from label faults, sealed in Japanese CD jackets

[ ml / i ] 010 (D 12")
Monolake: Linear

Classic Monolake; warehouse find - mint black vinyl copies, light wear on sleeves from storage

[ ml / i ] 016 (D 12")
Monolake: Digitalis Plumbicon

No repress - original label stock - few mint white vinyl copies only: classic Monolake!

[ ml / i ] 020 (D 12")
Monolake: Alaska Melting

Monolake plays in a Techno club, no repress - few mint original blue vinyl copies only

Figure 069 (D 12")
Cryptik: Radiance

Epic big room Techno w/ accompanying Electronica pieces

3TH 004 (Euro 12")
Lucindo: Human Invasion

Excellent noisy to Industriual-esque Techno EP

3TH 006 (Euro 12")
Ascion: Public Head

Immense, industrialised, early 1990s UK outsider Techno reminiscent EP - TIP!

12" out of stock

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Herva: Dreamers Of Unknown Tales
Abstract Division: Time and Perception Pt. 1

Effective big room Techno EP w/ excellent Shifted version

Deepbass & Ness: Portal Dimension EP

Boomy big room Techno w/ far out Sigha version

Dystopian 012 (D 12")
Stone Edge: Edges EP

Chilled, classic, basic Techno/House rooted, craftily executed EP

12" out of stock

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Roberto: Prolecanites

Minimalist, atmospheric Techno/Tech House DJ tool cuts

12" out of stock

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Minimalist, acididc Techno/Tech House DJ tool cuts

Tilman Tausendfreund: Twenty Nine Years

Minimalist, subtle DJ tool House

Furanum 011 (Euro 12")
Tomohiko Sagae: The Spurt of Blood

Hard, Techno related, Industrial leaning hybrid EP