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Seelow: TFE XX4

Deadly Techno - no less!

Phara: Next Of Kin

Varied, banging, strong-willed Techno album

Kerridge: Fatal Light Attraction

Outstanding rhythm textures in UK Industrial / Noise / Avant-Techno tradition

Jealous God 010 (UK 12")
Phase Fatale: Issue N° Ten

Industrialized & EBM leaning proper Techno bangers

Paradise Now 003 (D 12")
Talski: Floating Woven

Deeply hypnotic & tribal House atmospheres

MDR 020 (D 12")
Wrong Copy: In To 5

Stripped down puristic Techno/House rhythm tracks

Atmospheric & acidic Techno tracks

Derelicht 003 (UK EP)
Jon Gurd: Birth Right EP

Minimalist, subtle to stomping big room Techno w/ smart Ancestral Voices version

Vohkinne: Bathed in Dust

Heavy, booming big room Techno trips

Bek Audio 025 (UK 12")
Ritzi Lee: Intrusive

Expertly booming, suspense-packed Techno cuts

Various Artists: Habitat Part III

Excellent spaced-out and stomping Techno mini-compilation w/ acidic Tolkachev contribution

Auxiliary 012 (UK 12")
Sam KDC: Law Of The Trapezoid

Fresh, dense, sub heavily pulstaing leftfield Ambient Techno/Drum & Bass EP

CLFT 010 (Euro 12")
Binny: Shlaguance

Superb playful & booming Techno cuts

Clouds: Timeslip Roadmender

Powerful, dense, pounding Techno killers

Grey Area 002 (UK 12")
Unknown: Grey Area Volume Two

Pulsating, acidic Ambient Techno trips

D-Leria: Somewhere In Space

Gloomy, bottom-heavy, experimental, pounding Techno cuts

Points 006 (D 10")
Dona: City With No Fear

Forceful Acid House pounder w/ splendid Jamal Moss remix

Brutaż 001 (Euro 12")
Jules Venturini: No Reference

Classy, 1990s Detroit school reminiscent, rawly executed Techno EP

Ugandan Methods & Prurient: Dial B for Beauty

Proper outstanding Techno/Industrial integration

Nuel: Hyperboreal

Far out shimmering & droning Ambient Techno soundscapes

Metroplex 042 (US 12")
Plural: Shifting Forward
Tinfoil 003 (UK 12")
Tinfoil: Tinfoil 3

Classy, intense, driving, hard Techno

Special Request: Modern Warfare I

Breakbeat led House/Techno bangers in 90s UK Rave euphoria design

Special Request: Modern Warfare II

Breakbeat led House/Techno bangers in 90s UK Rave euphoria design

Surgeon: From Farthest Known Objects

Techno from the final frontier - on superior sounding beautiful black vinyl

Fullpanda 016 (Euro 12")
Dasha Rush: Unspoken

Deep blue tripping & stripped down killer techno

Midgar 005.1 (Euro 12")
Ruhig: Particles EP

Diverse Techno, Ambient & Ambient Techno EP

Ostgut Ton LP 021 (D Do LP)
Kobosil: We Grow, You Decline

Sparse, Industrial trained, contemplative & floor dedicated Techno excursions (comes w/ download code)

Sana 002 (Euro 12")

Effective, atmospheric Techno/Electronica EP

Tresor 280 (D 12")
Shao: Doppler Shift Pt. 1

Subtly atmospheric Techno trips

Barba 002.1 (Euro 12")
Marco Bernardi: Laffer EP Part 1

Fine hefty Electro and acidic jacking House cuts