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"As barriers fall around the world, the need to understand others and the way they live, think and dream is a task that is nearly impossible to imagine without theory and explanation. And as we approach the next century with hope and prosperity, this need soon becomes a necessity rather than a recreational urge.

Theories and subjects of substance is the elementary element that fuels the minds of our Axis." Jeff Mills, 1994
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Blueprint 052 (UK 12")
Rommek: Igneous - Set in Stone Trilogy

Dark & heavy UK Techno explorer in best Birmingham school tradition & w/ echoes of IDM

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Horo EX 019 (UK EP)
Kwartz: Body Sedation
Ostgut Ton LP 029 (D Do LP)
Martyn: Voids

Awesome Martyn-in-top-form works in idiosyncratic & unique Techno / UKG integration mode (w/ download code) - Highly Recommended!

Disk 014 (D EP)
Bambounou: Parameter Perkusia EP

Drumming & rhythms centred, stripped down, powerful Techno explorer

Involve 021 (Euro 12")
Blicz: New Doctrine

Driving, dreamy, punchy big room Techno cuts

L.I.E.S. 113 (US 12")
Person Of Interest: Neurogenesis EP

Dubbed out, tripping, noisy leftfield House / Techno cuts

Timedance 014 (UK 12")
Ploy: Ramos

Supreme out-there Bristolian UKG / Tech House steppers: a class of its own - Highly Recommended!

Bunker 006 (Euro EP)
Unit Moebius: Ecology

Reissue of 1993 Acid Techno jams

Kynant 010 (Euro 12")
TM404 & Echologist: Infiltrated

Flawless, atmospheric, dubbed out Ambient Techno EP

Heavy mesmerizing big room Techno stompers

P.E.A.R.L.: Internal Pressure

Optimized, expertly sculptured, heavy, dense big room Techno pounders

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Tikita 008 (Euro 12")

Puristic Ambient Techno trips

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Avian 033 (UK 12")
Desroi: Dwell In Motion

Ace, focussed, droning Techno / Ambient Techno EP

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Astray 003.2 (D 12")
H4L: Four Lights

Diverse, big room aimed, IDM edged Techno set

SB81: Future Point EP

Fresh, 1990s golden era ’Headz trained, proper Drum & Bass

Mark: The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run

Ingenious mixture of techy IDM, Drum & Bass and droning Designer Ambient

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Crisp, minimalist Electro & drifting Ambient sound scapes

AnD 003 (UK 12")
AnD: Manchester

Boomy, direct, hard hitting, pure Techno bangers

Regis: The Master Side

Expertly freaked out, droning UK Techno stepper in two versions

Dekmantel 050 (Euro Do LP)
Robert Hood: Paradygm Shift

Unstoppable legend that is RH: deadly effective, ever blinding universal Techno / House album

Szare: Kodiak

Adventurous & effective DJ tool Techno / Grime hybrids

Downwards 72 (UK EP)
Simon Shreeve: Lust Product

Magnificient, sub heavy, Mønic prod. Techno / Ambient killers

Downwards 73 (UK 12")
My Disco: Severe Remixes

Fabulous Regis Industrial / ethereal Lustmord remix workouts

Echelon 004 (D 12")
Echelon: Echelon 004

Perfectionist, driving, pure Techno EP

Enemy 034 (D 12")
Nastia Reigel: Trust, Intimacy

Boomy, effective big room Techno set

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Wonderful Ambient Techno steppers

L.I.E.S. 021.5 (US 12")
Domenico Crisci: The Old Candelabra

Fine EBM informed Techno bangers

L.I.E.S. 026.5 (US 12")
Antenes: The Track Of A Storm

Raw & tripping Techno cuts

L.I.E.S. 111 (US EP)
Fret: Silent Neighbour EP

Blinding Mick Harris works blending Industrial Noise, Drum & Bass & advanced IDM Techno - TIP!

Mistry 008 (UK 12")
Beneath: Special Offer

Superb,minimalist groove explorer somewhere in between Grime & Techno steppers

No Symbols 005 (UK 12")
Beneath: Giv Sum

Classy heavy subs driven, sparse & dark UK Techno / leftfield Grime hybrids

Odd Even 013 (D EP)
Boston 168: Phenomena Pt. 1

Dreamy to banging big room Acid Techno EP

Odd Even 015 (D EP)
Shlomi Aber: The Rooter

Expertly, boomy, acidic Techno EP

Joton: Antioquia

Fabulous, mood-setting, expertly arranged Techno EP

Icore: Substance from Shadow EP

Stepping, Industrial Ambient incorporating UK Techno explorer