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Claque 018 (Euro 12")
Donato Dozzy: Cassandra Remixes
Derelicht 005 (UK EP)
Killawatt: Fazed

Immersive, reverberating, experimental Techno steppers

Deniro: Kairuku

Early 1990's oriented Dub Techno EP

Orbe 006 (D 12")
Steve Stoll & Damon Wild: We Left The Planet

Perfect cosmic mid-1990's Techno classic previously released as Voyager 8 on Synewave b/w contemporary remixes

Yan Cook: Loophole

Optimized DJ friendly big room Techno gear

Adam X: Bedeviled

Gravely stomping & stepping Industrial Techno pressure

Wavereform 007 (D 12")
Snitch: Skalen

Serious big room Techno stompers

Young Male: Hot For Destiny And The Street

Excellent, driving & atmospheric Techno cuts

Brenda 002 (Euro Do EP)
Cncpt: Brenda 2

Boomy, banging, pure Techno

Elemnt Square (D 12")
Elemnt: Square

Classy Ambient Drone & sparse, puristic Techno jams (one copy per person)

Milton Bradley: Choir Of Devastation

Exceptional, cinematic, sub heavy Ambient Drone / Ambient Techno EP - Highly Recommended!

Floating, subtly atmospheric, percussive Techno trips w/ Acid driven remix

Shut 001 (D 12")
Ryan James Ford: Stone Mountain Red

Outstanding Techno banger with early 1990s pre-IDM UK Techno reminiscences - Highly Recommended!

3TH 007 (Euro EP)
Lucindo: Alien Rebellion

Fantastic, hard banging & distorted acid injected Techno in early 1990s reminiscence mode

3TH 008 (Euro EP)
D. Carbone: Ravers

Striking Carbone works again: hard, Industrial and early 1990s UK Acid dynamics informed mini album

Ausgang 003 (D 12")
Ausgang: Overload

Urgently banging genuine Techno killers

Axis 068 (US 12")
Jeff Mills: Exhibitionist 2 (Part 2)

Bouncy true Detroit school Acid rhythm tracks

Axis 069 (US 12")
Jeff Mills: Exhibitionist 2 (Part 3)
Axis 071 (US 12")
Jeff Mills: The Domino Effect

Blinding outer-space Techno transcendence

Chiwax CDJS 001 (D 12")
DJ Skull: The DJ Skull Saga pres. Stomping Grounds

Re-issue of 1993 Djax Up gem - a great piece of Ron Maney prod. jacking Chicago House - Essential EP!

Microworld: Signals

Reissue of beautiful Transmat Techno / House release from 1999

Gknstr 10/16 (D 12")
Cadency: Digitally Controlled Emotionless Systems EP
Granulart 007 (Euro 12")
Allen: Coherent Waves

Well balanced big room DJ tool Techno cuts

Louis Haiman: The Cosmic Memory

Lovely, slightly jazzy Ambient House workouts b/w excellently stomping Dettmann remix

Jezgro 001 (Euro 12")
MRTVI: Tijerazo Mortal

Tough, uncompromising, Huren prod. Industrial Techno incl. Violet poison remix

Kontrafaktum 001 (D 12")
Nax Acid: Abyssal

Boomy, pulsating, extended Ambient Techno

Kynant 004 (Euro 12")
Vohkinne: Wind Shadows

Dusky, widely reverberating Techno trips

Birth Of Frequency: The Spelling

Stomping big room Techno cuts w/ perfect & playful remix treatments

RK 2 (D 12")

Driving percussions driven, sub heavy droning, irresistible Techno EP

Shift Functions: Shift Functions 1

Minimalist, bleeping, dubbed out Techno / Ambient Techno trips

Shift Functions: Shift Functions 2

Minimalist, bleeping, dubbed out Techno / Ambient Techno trips

Stardub 012 (D 12")
Stardub: Stardub 12

Minimalist, dubbed out House / Tech House DJ tool trips

Subtil 007 (D 12")
Vrac: Repattern EP

Minimalist Techno / Tech House DJ tool EP