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Jesse Osborne-Lanthier: Unalloyed, Unlicensed, All Night!

Crystal clear, ace, Techno affine CAD rhythm textures

Barba 010 (Euro EP)
Nubian Mindz: Pulsing Heart EP

Superb Detroit informed aquatic Techno cuts

Born Free 024 (Euro 12")
Various Artists: Born Free 24

Diversified label mini-compilation

Cabrera 004 (Euro 12")
Andrés Zacco: Ortsom EP

Tripping DJ tool Techno tracks

Conforce: Kernel Of Truth

Spaced out Techno trips

Delsin 120 (Euro 12")
Redshape: Best Of Live - Volume 2

DJ tool Techno tracks

Echelon 001 (D 12")
Echelon: Echelon 001

Excellent, crystal clear, classic 90's Techno / Ambient appreciating EP

Enemy 031 (D 12")
Various Artists: Where The Night Takes Us

Effective, expertly executed, spaced out Techno mini-compilation

Eshu 010 (Euro 12")
Eshu: Fraktur EP

Dubbed and spaced out Techno trips

Involve 013 (Euro 12")
Z.I.P.P.O.: Circular Immersion

Perfectly balanced, mesmerizing, expertly prod. big room Techno EP

Knowone 018 (D 12")
Knowone: Knowone 018

Dub Techno excursions

Vit Fana: Irrgang

Droning Industral flavoured Ambient Techno excursions

Pär Grindvik: Mnemosyne

Excellent forceful big room Techno drivers

Stefan Rein: Neural Probe

Spaced out, effective Techno pounders

Uncage 004 (D 12")
Pablo Mateo: Drive Setting

Uplifting, DJ friendly, stomping House / Techno

Analogue 003 (Euro 12")
Endlec: Born From Chaos

Excellent, raw, hard hitting Techno bangers

Arts 025 (Euro 12")
Infektion: Gates Of Dawn

Flawless, dreamy to driving big room Techno stompers

Be As One 062 (Euro 12")
Jam: Pegasi EP

Perfect big room DJ tool Techno set

Bond 010 (Euro 12")
Petter B: Roots Pt. III

Boomy, iridescent, effective DJ tool Techno bangers

Brainwash 004 (Euro 12")
Larix: Locomotion

Perfectly balanced dreamy big room Techno pressure

Figure 083 (D 12")
Cleric: Resurrection

Jacking big room Techno & chilled Downtempo / Ambient bonus cuts

Leyla VA 001 (UK 12")
Various Artists: Parallels & Influences Pt. 1
Various Artists: Unknown Landscapes Selected 4

Hard stomping, driving, tripped out big room Techno mini-compilation

Range 001 (D 12")
Alex Cortex: Polytely

Out of the ordinary Techno brightness

Soma Music 466 (UK 12")
Rebekah: Anxiety

Optimized hard big room Techno drivers

Kastil: The Sadistic Abbess
Struktur 002 (Euro 12")
H/k: Ven

Atmospheric Techno trips

Holotone 002 (Euro 12")
Koichi Shimizu: Wholetone EP

Superb, colorful, IDM tinged Techno steppers

Knotweed 022 (Euro 12")
Non Reversible: Convergent Boundary

Highly effective, boomy Techno cuts

Midgar 009 (Euro 12")
Von Grall: Following The Rules
Ancient Methods: The First Siren

Astonishing results from deeper diving into unknown EBM-Techno waters

Acacia 3001 (US 12")
K. Hand: Project 6 EP

Straight ahead Detroit techno banger. outstanding DJ friendly tracks

Auxiliary 015 (UK 12")
ASC: Return Of The Emissary EP

Crafty, subtly pulsating Ambient Techno EP

Kyoka: iSH

Crispy, cut-up techniques rooted, Avant-Techno aimed rhythm textures

Kangding Ray: The Pentaki Slopes

Atmospheric, noisy Techno EP