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"As barriers fall around the world, the need to understand others and the way they live, think and dream is a task that is nearly impossible to imagine without theory and explanation. And as we approach the next century with hope and prosperity, this need soon becomes a necessity rather than a recreational urge.

Theories and subjects of substance is the elementary element that fuels the minds of our Axis." Jeff Mills, 1994
777 999 (12")
DJ Disrespect: Classic Cuts Vol. 2

Raw, banging, early 90s Jeff Mills oriented Techno weaponry

Obscuur 003 (12")
Liza Aikin: Infirm Past

Dark Industrial Techno banger b/w powerful Swarm Intelligence & VSK remixes

Geistform: PI 10

Ace dark Industrial Techno machinery

Tension 002 (12")
Ad Nauseam: Fear Unknown

Strident Acid Techno hard-hitter

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WRKTRX X02 (Download only)
Gene Richards Jr: Shake Sequence

Effective DJ tool Techno shakers

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Rekids 165 (Download only)
Robert Hood: Nothing Stops Detroit

Effective, driving minimal Techno cuts

12" out of stock

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Bite 016 (12")
New Frames: Outer Limits

Dark, crisp, Industrial oriented, raving Techno bangers

Blintmusik 005 (12")
Blint: Chauncey Street

Effective raving Techno / Breakbeat cuts

DDS 026 (12")
Equiknoxx: Mark Ernestus Remixes

Black vinyl repress - pure Dancehall futurism in Ernestus’ magical treatment - Tip!

12" out of stock

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Identified Patient: Nerve Deposit

Raw, direct, smartly Industrial leaning Techno set

Fortune8 005 (EP)
In Sync: Storm

Valuable reissue of timeless & ultra cool classic Irdial Techno (warehouse find, few MINT blue copies)

Temudo & Nørbak: Battered From The Fall

Fabulous, dense, big room controlling Techno EP

N-Plex 001 (12")
Schwefelgelb: Der Puls Durch Die Schläfen

Raw, distorted, dark Industrial Techno bangers (w/ download code)

LA: Remember The Faces

Effective banging Acid Techno tools

Domenico Crisci: Negativity

Relentless dark Acid Techno bangers

Token 096 (12")

Highly effective pure Techno space trips

Billie Jo: Ne Plus Ultra

Fresh, pounding, effective big room Techno cuts

Voidance 004 (12")
Llimbs: Descending Void

Pitch-dark Industrial Techno doom

Ilian Tape 039 (12")
Andrea: Forse

Fabulous Breakbeat Techno bombs & wonderful avant-Grime / Ambient Techno splendor

Ismistik: Bonus Bouncers EP

Reissue of original, Bjørn Torske prod. 1991 Djax-Up-Beats Techno warmth

Ismistik: Oasis EP

Reissue of original, Bjørn Torske prod. 1992 Djax-Up-Beats House / Techno EP

Ismistik: Remain

Reissue of Bjørn Torske prod. wonderful Techno / Ambient album from 1995 incl. previous CD-only tracks

Chiwax 013 (12")
DJ Skull: Revenge Of The Synth

Classy, effective Chicago Techno jacker

DJ Stingray 313: Cognition

Brilliant, outstanding advanced Techno/Electro EP

12" out of stock

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Otik: Zero-Sum Game

Remarkable glistening Electronica-Techno EP

Ara 006 (Do LP)
Kangding Ray: 61 Mirrors . Music for SKALAR

Outstanding, gripping, crisp Designer Electronica-Techno / Ambient opus

ASC: Subliminal Flow State

Perfectly designed cinematic Techno trips

Cliq Ltd 002 (12")
Biz: Vertical Ascent

Classic Detroit schooled to driving big room Techno set

Delsin 144 (12")
VC-118A: Crunch

Excellent, deep, vibrant Electro floaters