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Crackle Wizard: Gilga IV

Beautifully reduced minimalist Techno & UK Bass related leftfield excursions (one copy per person)

Born Free 023 (Euro 12")
Odopt: Sickert Art Bartel
Delsin DSR C8 (Euro 12")
Artefakt: The Mental Universe

Fine atmospheric Techno tracks

Lucy & Rrose: The Lotus Eaters

’Lucy and Rrose have wisely chosen to be the most consistently curiosity-provoking representatives of their craft’ - Thomas Bey William Bailey

Gëinst: Uchronie

Well executed, classy, big room Techno drivers

Earwiggle 015 (UK 12")
Dez Williams: Ever Decreasing Circles

Heavy bassline dominated, grinding Techno cuts

Edit Select 028 (UK 12")

Flawless big room Techno trips

Midgar 008 (Euro 12")
Shaded Explorer: Emerald Weapon

Dense, dreamy, well executed Techno / Ambient Techno EP

Mord 033 (Euro 12")
Radial: Bona Fide

Kicking pure Techno bangers

Perc Trax 072 (UK 12")

Outstanding, rock-hard Techno recklessness

ABSL: A Double Trachants

Noisy, heavy, distorted Techno pounders

Brenda 003 (D 12")
Company: Brenda 3

Minimalist, effective, banging pure Techno set

Elemnt: Circle Of Light

Sparse, subtle Ambient Techno / Ambient EP (one copy per person)

Pangaea: In Drum Play

Fresh, hard jacking UK House w/ subtle UKG swing & Techno-Grime hybrids . Highly Recommended! (w/ download code)

UVB-76 005 (UK 12")
Pessimist: Paian EP

Boomy, sub heavy, subtly rhythmical Industrial Ambient EP w/ echoes of developed leftfield Drum & Bass

Yoruba 072 (UK Do LP)
Nomumbah: Amanha

Well balanced mixture of minimalist Ambient Techno & warm House / Tech House vibes

Room 506 (Euro 12")
Room 506: Drop Out

You know the score - red hot anthem alert

Various Artists: Kern Vol. 3 EP 1 - The Exclusives

Classy Electro / Techno stepper EP - the exclusives used in Objekt’s Kern mix

Voitax 006 (Euro 12")
Voitax: Acid Dedication

Banging 90s led Acid Techno kicks and beyond

Klockworks 012 (D 12")
Sterac: Track 2

Immensely effective DJ tool Techno bomb

DJ Stingray 313: Cognition

Brilliant, outstanding advanced Techno/Electro EP

Crossing 007 (D 12")
Various Artists: Crossing 7

Diverse, from dubbed out Ambient-ish to minimalist jacking Techno mini sampler

Adventice: Weeding EP

Punchy and dubbed out DJ tool Techno tracks

Dekmantel 033 (Euro 12")
Call Super: Nervous Sex Traffic

Superb spaced out tripping Techno ventures

Milan W: Intact

Superb stepping Ambient Techno excursions

L.I.E.S. 074 (US 12")
33.10.3402: 100 Drone Radio Passive Scape
Lackrec 008 (Euro 12")
Liit: Liit Fighter Presents Hadouken

Moody DJ tool Techno tracks

Omnidisc 005 (Euro 12")
Schmutz: Transgender

Booming Disco infected Techno tracks

R K 2 (D 12")

Driving percussions driven, sub heavy droning, irresistible Techno EP

Reduction 003 (US 12")
Population One: Random Variables

Killer Detroit Techno in true Terrence Dixon style