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First Cut 002 (12")

Raw, distorted blend of Detroit Beatdown & sparse Techno / House EP

Monolake: P A N

Atmospheric Designer-Techno dynamics

DeViere & Ali Berger: Free Gherkin Vol.1

Rawly saturated sounding Acid Techno / House psychedelica

Mole People: Luv Luv Lik Lik

Proper reissue of Gary Martin prod. Detroit Electro / Techno / Funk gem

Numbers 038 (12")
Lory D: Strange Days Vol.3

Classy fresh Techno cuts

Picnic 34 004 (12")
Ordering Instructions: The Weird Dinner Request

Pounding, slightly noisy UK Techno banger

Amish Boy: Nice Try Donnie!

Tough, noisy, stepping Techno grinders to Grime / UK Bass compatible rhythm textures

Range 002 (12")
Alex Cortex: Paid Content EP

Twisted jacking, tough Techno psychedelics

Rawax S 06 (12")
Alex Cortex: Knorke EP

Stunning, dry, direct tracks work out in Cortex sound signature & Chicago traxxx traditions

12" out of stock

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Outstandingly distinctive, noisy edged, hard Acid Techno science - Highly Recommended!

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Semper Idem 02 (12")
Ottodox: The Love Of A Former Golden Age Pt. II: The Love

Pure, proper Techno trips w/ welcome Porter Ricks reminiscence

Various Artists: Sound Sampler Vol. 2

Done with love: for the music, for dancers, for detail... real House music in four incarnations

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Spandau20 001 (12")
Nikk / Fjaak: Force Of Pleasure

Effective, Shed reminiscent Techno bangers

Tresor 290 (12")
Bnjmn: Body Reflections Pt. 1

Classy driving Techno / Ambient Techno EP (w/ download code)

VDR 002 (12")
Vincent Desmont: The Priche

Swinging, warm, classic 1990s Detroit schooled Techno / House EP

War Easy Made: The Internecine Truth [101 808]

Subtle, nasty, sub heavy, effective DJ tool Techno cuts

YYYY: Carry This Blood

Hard, stomping to widely reverberating, Ambient leaning, rull range Techno EP

Youth 007B (7")
Howes: The Weathertenko

Raw, ‘in-the-red’ Techno & Dance Hall affine, dubbed out rhythm tracks

Zuse 001 (12")
Zuse: Port Neptun
Do EP out of stock

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De:tuned 029 (Do EP)
As One: Communion