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Rawax Ltd. 013 (D 12")
Neil Landstrumm: The Paskal EP

Expertly executed, hard banging to light swinging Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Token 046 (Euro 12")
Surgeon: Fixed Action Pattern

Outstanding Techno in two far out versions

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Macro 037 (D 12")
Anno Stamm: Aqua Lemon Peel Violet EP
Do LP out of stock

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Modern Love 079 (UK Do LP)
Andy Stott: Luxury Problems

Immersive, sub heavy, slowed down Techno / House album

Modern Love 096 (UK 12")
Demdike Stare: Testpressing #005

Dusky, sub heavy Grime business b/w New Wave inspired grinder

12" out of stock

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Downwards 71 (UK 12")
JK Flesh: Nothing Is Free

Justin K. Broadrick prod. classy, dark & noisy killer Techno w/ awesome Surgeon version

[ ml / i ] 008 (D 12")
Monolake: Bicom

Excursions into leftfield Techno & IDM territories

[ ml / i ] 029 (D 12")
Monolake: D E C

Applied sound research in stepping Techno context & a quick look behind the ultraworld

Surgeon: Diametric EP

Hard, direct, monotonous Techno

British Murder Boys: Father Loves Us

Surgeon & Regis prod. cutting edge Industrial Techno; repress w/o sleeve

12" out of stock

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Micronism: Steps To Recovery

Reissue of fine late 90s dubbed out Techno excursions

12" out of stock

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Nonplus 029 (UK 12")
Redshape: I Feel Like Riot

Perfectly crafted, spaced tripping, universal Techno/House anthems

P 13 004 (UK 12")
Divided: Black Swallower

Stomping, dark Chicago Acid House leaning & Breakbeat driven UKG rooted House / Techno

12" out of stock

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Rodz-Konez 006 (UK 12")
Makaton: Sex Is... Mathematics
12" out of stock

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Rodz-Konez 008 (UK 12")
Makaton: Keloid

Storming, classy Birminham killer Techno set

12" out of stock

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47 005 (UK 12")

Perfect & forceful big room Techno mini-compilation

12" out of stock

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Amotik 003 (D 12")
Amotik: Ath

Perfectly banging Techno drivers