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Ostgut Ton 109 (12")
LSD: Process

A Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell & David Sumner joint venture - direct Techno banger

Barker: Barker 001

Dense, out-there Avant-Techno-IDM integration

Ostgut Ton 102 (12")
Fiedel: Substance B

Classy, hard jacking, pure Techno work outs by one of Berlin’s longest standing DJs

Ostgut Ton 120 (12")
Ryan Elliott: Paul’s Horizon

Focused, atmospheric, driving Techno / Tech House EP

Ostgut Ton LP 031 (Do LP)
Efdemin: New Atlantis

Ace, warm Techno / Techo House pulses w/ explorative, quest-for-the-perfect-drone-tinged atmospheres (w/ download code) (w/ download code)

Strongly 1990s EBM rooted, hard kicking, dark Techno

Ostgut Ton LP 021 (Do LP)
Kobosil: We Grow, You Decline

Sparse, Industrial trained, contemplative & floor dedicated Techno excursions (w/ download code)

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Etapp Kyle: Continuum EP

Boomy, subtly atmospheric big room Techno jacker

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Ostgut Ton 112 (12")
Barker: Debiasing
Ostgut Ton 116 (12")
Norman Nodge: Embodiment EP

Classy, breakbeats saturated, swinging to Acid-leaning, intensely pounding Techno set

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Ostgut Ton 118 (12")
Various Artists: Panorama Bar 07 Part II

Exclusive cuts of ND Baumeckers’s Panorama Bar mix