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Ostgut Ton 107 (12")

Boomy, bleepy, perfect big room Techno EP

Ostgut Ton 123 (Do EP)

Minimalist, spaced out Mills works reminiscent, perfect Techno trips

Ostgut Ton 126 (12")
Etapp Kyle: Nolove

Sublime, deep, stepping Ambient Techno scapes

Do LP out of stock

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Ostgut Ton LP 031 (Do LP)
Efdemin: New Atlantis

Ace, warm Techno / Techo House pulses w/ explorative, quest-for-the-perfect-drone-tinged atmospheres (w/ download code) (w/ download code)

Strongly 1990s EBM rooted, hard kicking, dark Techno

Ostgut Ton 115 (12")
Substance: Rise And Shine

Wonderful spacious impressions by one of Techno’s most experienced & open-hearted voyagers

Ostgut Ton LP 028 (Do LP)

Imaginative integration of UK hardcore continuum tinges IDM, big room Techno & Ambient trips (w/ download code)

Ostgut Ton LP 029 (Do LP)
Martyn: Voids

Awesome Martyn-in-top-form works in idiosyncratic & unique Techno / UKG integration mode (w/ download code) - Highly Recommended! (w/ download code)

Terence Fixmer: Through The Cortex

Luxury presented, stunningly fresh, 1980s EBM tinged, craftily executed Techno explorer (w/ download code)

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Ostgut Ton 100 (Do 12")
Dettmann / Klock: Phantom Studies

Dream team Techno set in deadly DJ tool weapon mode alongside pulsating, chilled drifters

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Ostgut Ton 108 (12")
Various Artists: Berghain 08

Exclusive cuts of Fiedel’s tough, jacking pure Techno Mix for Berghain

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Ostgut Ton 124 (12")

Uplifting, warm, techy House EP

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The 7th Plain: Chronicles III

3rd part of Luke Slater’s fantastic, 1990s Ambient Techno works compiled for eternity (w/ download card)