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Fullpanda 022 (Euro 12")
Pulse One: Illusive Reality EP

Pulsating, atmospheric, diverse Techno/Ambient/Electro EP

Decimus: Decimus 7

Extended droning Techno/Ambient live jams

12" out of stock

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L.I.E.S. 029 (US 12")
Marcos Cabral: Long Mixes

Heavy jacking & noisy Industrial Techno tracks

Macro 047 (D 12")
Kuf: Odyssee

Superb UKG infected beatdown live jams b/w storming VIP Techno version

Zhark 00027 (D 12")
Stärker: Scorched

Fierce, dense, widely reverberating Techno steamrollers

Do EP out of stock

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Church 006 (UK Do EP)
Viers: Freesia

Dubbed out, tripping, clubby House/Techno album

12" out of stock

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Ann Aimee 019 (Euro 12")
Sawlin: Niedertracht

Fine pounding Techno tracks

12" out of stock

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Avian 007 (UK 12")
Shxcxchcxsh: Rjrjrffrjrj

Black vinyl repress; distorted, hard, acidic, abstract Techno EP

EP out of stock

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Avian 020 (UK EP)
Sigha: Techno Derivatives

Sparse Industrial/Techno leaning Electronica EP

Sähkö 08 (Euro 12")
Mike Ink: Rosenkranz

2007 reissue of Wolfgang Voigt prod. blueprint minimalist Techno (no repress - warehouse find - sealed copies!)

12" out of stock

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Noiztank 001 (Euro 12")
Zosima: Tears Of Black Powder EP
12" out of stock

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Noiztank 003 (Euro 12")
Damaskin: Ancient Communications

Experimental edged, Acid & Industrial incorporating Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Moving Thoughts: Forward Motion

Excellent, heavily pounding Techno EP

Barba 002.1 (Euro 12")
Marco Bernardi: Laffer EP Part 1

Fine hefty Electro and acidic jacking House cuts