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Tresor 314 (12")
James Ruskin: Siklikal EP

Lethal Techno mind-benders (w/ download code)

12" out of stock

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Warm Up 055 (12")

Excellent, relentlessly pushing Techno mind-bending

Detroit 001 (12")
Infiniti / Reel By Real: Techno Por Favor / Sundog

Raw, pure, prototyping Detroit Techno at its best - compiled & properly reissued

12" out of stock

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Figure X 14 (12")
Benjamin Damage: Overton Window EP

Hard pounding, focused, dreamy Techno drivers

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Rodz-Konez 060 (Download only)
Makaton: Lustrate

Focused direct Techno bangers

12" out of stock

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Sana 003 (12")

Minimalist, effective DJ tool Techno set

12" out of stock

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Tilt 002 (12")
Tecture: Anomalous Materials

Sparse, widely reverberating Techno / Ambient spaces

AFU Ltd. X 5 (12")
Heckmann: Acid Seduction 5

Pure, Acid Techno escapism

Do EP out of stock

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Eaux 1391 (Do EP)
Rrose: Hymn To Moisture

Richly textured Drone dedicated sound scapes & derived, pulsating, minimalist Techno

12" out of stock

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H.omevvork 006 (12")
PVS: Life Transitions

Heavily stomping, perfectly floor-focused Techno weaponry

EP out of stock

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L.I.E.S. 124 (EP)

1990s NY Acid Techno rave reminiscent bangers

12" out of stock

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MOS 027 (12")
Random XS: Centrifuge

Expertly tripped out Acid purism by true Dutch originators

Nous 009 (12")
Ypy: Visions EP

Fine raw leftfield Techno jams

Only One 005 (12")
Stasis: Space 1993

Detroit school leaning UK Techno gem w/ effectively updating remix efforts

Rawax MCE 008 (12")
DJ Tone: Serious Grooves

Proper reissue of 1992 raw Detroit House gem