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Mord 018 (Euro 12")
Sleeparchive: Senza Titolo EP

Expertly led excursions into noisy Bleep Techno fields

Metasplice: Vertia

Far out psychedelic Techno jams

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Ostgut Ton 085 (D 12")
Steffi: Treasure Seeking (feat. Dexter & Virginia)
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Bas Mooy: Uniform Of The Outsider EP

Dark, heavy mesmerising Techno EP

Vault Series 023 (D 12")

Ace, driving, atmospheric Techno cuts

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Various Artists: Function V/A

Boomy effective big room Techno mini-compilation

Mistry 002 (UK 12")
Webstarr: Aegrus

Swinging, dark UK Techno w/ echoes of Grime & UK Bleep heritage

Mistry 003 (UK 12")
Chevel: Tank

Minimalist, swinging, sparse UK Techno tunes

Selección Natural: Selección Natural EP

Perfect, Oscar Mulero, Exium & Reeko prod. big room Techno sampler

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Smaragd 003 (D 12")

Effective, focussed, punchy Techno EP

Dark Entries 158 (US Do LP)
Bill Converse: The Shape of Things To Come

Current, ‘The Hague’ style mixture of Acid Techno & Electro w/ strong 1980s New Wave ties

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Lena Platonos: Sun Masks Remixes

Current leftfield Techno / House centred remix set for 1984 Greece experimental Synth Pop originals